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Desktop: 02-06-08

By Jamush
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Visual Style: Watercolor Emico (Blue - Blassic) RC1 by Gelosea aka me
Wallpaper: Vplants X3 004 by DJMattRicks
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Theme looks great, I do miss those old XP colors and icons. :)
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Well.. if you want to use it you'll have to wait less then an hour I think =P
ZERO-OREZ's avatar
Nice color! Waiting the final release. :boogie:
Jamush's avatar
The release is probably next week :)
falanga's avatar
Nice ! Can't wait too =P
Jamush's avatar
Thanks =P Just wait 1 week :P
'worked on for a year' - lol what? sounds like you fell off the MS bandwagon or something. i really don't see what all the hype is about, it looks bland and poorly designed.
venomrat88's avatar
Some of us like the old school look. If you think this is poorly designed, I'd like to see you do better.
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Err... then don't look at it or comment on it? And what's this about the MS bandwagon?
martin10018's avatar
I will not ask...
Jamush's avatar
Hehe soon =P I posted some info in the Aqua-Soft desktop thread.
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Aha, read them. I thought you would start with the grey/black version?

Anyway - if you need another tester for RC 1 - just send a pm...
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I've already send the RC1 to the beta testers. Blue is the first version I'm going to release. After that Ergonomic Blue. When that version is done I'll be working on Black and Silver. And then all I have to finish is Olive
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waiting for the vs ^^...but, where are aqua icons in the sshot??
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Lol. I copy pasted the comments from a different screenshot made by me and I forgot to remove that line =P
nice! can't wait!
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I've put a link in the deviation comments now :)
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Good stuff :+fav:
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Thanks =P And thanks for the :+fav:
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