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Can you breathe?

«We worked in gangs for all we were worth
The young boys pulling the wagons
We were digging the tunnel, shifting the earth
It was then that it happened.

No one knew how the cracks appeared
But as it fell, they all disappeared
Stone fell like rain!

Can you hear me? Can you see?
Don't you hear me? (Can) Can you breathe?

Driving the last spike - Genesis (Lyrics)

Here's a tribute to Genesis' «Driving the last spike» from their album «We can't dance». I felt I had to do something.

During the 19th century in England, many railway workers died in accidents. «Driving the last spike» is a wonderful song that relates a fictional episode of those times. It plays in my mind ever since I listened to that song.

It took me approximately 30-40 hours in 3 weeks. The project has about 40 layers. First time I use that many :D . Made with Gimp, of course ;) .

This time I decided to use textures, i.e. stocks for walls on the left, on the right path, ground and rocks. I also used Gimp's wood textures for beams. I found that layer mode «overlay» played much better than «multiply» with textures. The rest is painted with Wacom Graphire.

I dedicate this work to awesome artists :iconanthonydevine: and :iconominousshadows: for the various advices and inspiration they gave me.

:bulletorange: Rock face texture by ~Bactaboy
:bulletorange: Rock by ~shadowh3
:bulletorange: Tilable Rock by *ShadowRunner27
:bulletorange: rock texture by ~NightmareDelta
:bulletorange: Rocks Texture by ~Loochi
:bulletorange: Gravel by ~AletheiaFelinea
:bulletorange: Gravel and Mud by ~GrungeTextures
:bulletorange: Water Stock 01 by ~TwinkiexStocks
:bulletorange: Ari's Run 15 by *AilinStock
:bulletorange: Oil lamp - 02 by ~LunaNYXstock
:bulletorange: Mother n Babe 03_quaddles by *quaddles
:bulletgreen: Burnt Edges brush (Gimp) by ~Epic-phish
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A perfect accompaniment to the song.
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Thank you very much, Ryan :bow:. That is really pleasant to read.
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Woah. I gotta say this is impeccable. It calms me down. This is the first painting in a loooong time that's made me feel that way. The perfect placement of the fireball and the photo whipping in the breeze.... I swear i feel I'm in a Guilermo del Toro movie.
JAMsEye's avatar
... and thanks a thousand times for the fav' and watch :bow: .
JAMsEye's avatar
Thank you very much for your compliment :bow: . I do feel honoured. I've watched «El laberinto del fauno», which is not my kind of movie, and I really loved it. (Well, I also watched Hellboy and Mimic a long ago but the former struck me most.)

While the scene depicts a terrible accident — the photo was supposedly blown from one worker's pocket, as you probably imagined — I find it very interesting as to why it makes you feel calm. May I ask why? The song I referred to in fact shakes me everytime I hear it and I can almost view the scene in my mind so I had to picture it.

Thanks a lot for the comparison. I feel flattered :blush: .
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Yay! I’m very glad to announce you that your artwork has been chosen to be amongst the best deviations submitted to our :iconforeverartgroup: in the month of November. You can check it out here: [link] & here: [link] . :clap: P.S. Please, don’t forget to show us some love :heart: by :+fav:ing the News Article. :thanks:
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Woaaaah, thanks a whole bunch. It's such a gratifying moment to see my work featured. :bow:

:+favlove: done!
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Love the look of this. Atmosphere's great. :clap:
JAMsEye's avatar
Thanks a lot. Pleased you like it :bow: .
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Nice. Great details.
JAMsEye's avatar
Thank you very much :) . Aaaaand for the fave as well. Well I used textures for details this time. But even then, I like it too, in all modesty *cough* ...
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Good work man. Looking forward to seeing more of what you will come up with ;D
JAMsEye's avatar
Thanks a whole bunch :) . I do appreciate and feel really proud. There's more to come. And I must admit observing your work is to me full of teaching. You're not the only one but, dunno, yours really inspires me :highfive: . Keep it up too, I'm enjoying it.
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Thank you :) . [It's my current background.]
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Amazing work here! OMG it's awesome!! I love it! ^^
JAMsEye's avatar
Thank you very much :glomp: . I'm pleased you like it.
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You're welcome ^^
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Totally awesome work! Breathtaking... and a beautiful tribute :)
JAMsEye's avatar
... and for the fave as well :) .
sirocco-rc's avatar
JAMsEye's avatar
Thanks a lot, Rania :bow: .
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