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world champion bodybuilder that's  what I wanted more than anything that's  from shitting right now bodybuilding is  about the process and the technique to  take your body and mold it into  perfection regardless of whether you ZMass Testo  consider bodybuilding a sport a  lifestyle or an art form the bottom line  is that to be a bodybuilder  you must have discipline focus and an  utter belief in yourselfhey everybody this is Mike from us for  life and it's time for another episode  of the podcast and in this episode I am  going to give a rather detailed answer  to a question that I am asked fairly  frequently and that is is simply getting  stronger actually a good strategy for  getting bigger in other words how much  correlation is there between ZMass Testo  strength and ZMass Testo size this is a  tricky subject because empirical  evidence goes both ways if you spend  enough time in the gym you inevitably  notice that the biggest guys and gals  are often the strongest now sure some  people are stronger than they look but  for the most part strength and size do  seem to be directly correlated the  bigger someone is the bigger his weights  tend to be this would lead you to  believe that ZMass Testo growth is just a  byproduct of strength and that if you  were to just focus on getting stronger  and stronger than your ZMass Testos will just  get bigger and bigger and that's what  advocates of strength training have been  saying for decades now but the new  school of ZMass Testo growth says it's not  that simple and points to string means  that can push pull and squat tremendous  amounts of weight and to research that  appears to demonstrate that heavy weight  lifting which is the bread and butter of  all strength programs simply.…


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