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Welcome - Surfing Capital (black) by HinaTheBlue
Jam/Derek - Male - 15

Hi there! My name is Derek, but you can call me by my alias Jam if you prefer! I'm a 15 year-old cartoonist, illustrator, and beginner animator. I've been drawing forever to be honest. Art really is my greatest passion, and it means the world to me that you're stopping by. Enjoy my work!


About Me - Surfing Capital (black) by HinaTheBlue

I started taking art more seriously when I was around 9. At that time I was into MLP:FiM, obsessively so. John Joseco, Drawponies, Bernd01, Petirep and others like them were my biggest inspirations. The Brony community was a major creative force back then for me.

Nowadays my main interest lies in the furry fandom. The community continues to inspire creativity and positivity for me, and I owe a lot to the community's kindness. I'm also pretty into Homestuck, Kirby, Pokemon, Steven Universe, animation memes, and other stuff.

Some miscellaneous facts:
:bulletblue: I just spelled miscellaneous right on my first try.
:bulletblue: I'm an Aquarius, and my birthday is February 8th!
:bulletblue: My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP.
:bulletblue: My Hiveswap Extended Zodiac Sign is Aquasci, which means I'm Prospit and Life.
:bulletblue: If I had to guess I'd probably be a Mage of Life.
:bulletblue: My favorite colors are pink and blue!
:bulletblue: It's really hard for me to pick a favorite animal, but if I had to I'd say Toco Toucan. Or Aye-Aye.
:bulletblue: Or maybe a Coquerel's Sifaka? Maybe uhh. Cockatiels?
:bulletblue: It's the same situation with Pokemon. Don't make me pick.
:bulletblue: I have 15 pets! 2 dogs, 1 ferret, 9 budgies, and 3 cockatiels.
:bulletblue: I volunteer at a dog shelter, a zoo, and I've taken an exclusive course on primate behavior at the Duke Lemur Center!


Find Me Here - Surfing Capital (black) by HinaTheBlue

commission email:
youtube: jamporas
tumblr: jamporas
instagram: jamporas
twitter: jamporas
discord server:
furaffinity: jamporas
picarto: jamporas


Slurpuff Icon by Nenji-Hyuga Art Status - Surfing Capital (black) by HinaTheBlue Slurpuff Icon by Nenji-Hyuga
As a general disclaimer, I tend to be somewhat slow with art. If you need a product very soon, then please tell me!

Swirlix Icon by Nenji-Hyuga Art trades are OPEN! Swirlix Icon by Nenji-Hyuga
Please either comment below or note me if you want to trade! I won't trade with everyone but there's no harm in trying. <3

Swirlix Icon by Nenji-Hyuga Commissions are OPEN! Swirlix Icon by Nenji-Hyuga
I take points and paypal! Details and listings can be found here!

Swirlix Icon by Nenji-Hyuga Requests are CLOSED! Swirlix Icon by Nenji-Hyuga
Unless I specifically ask for people to request art, they will remain closed. Sorry!


Friends - Surfing Capital (black) by HinaTheBlue

Hi, these are amazing people and if you don't follow them I may send you an empty threat. <3

Inspirations - Surfing Capital (black) by HinaTheBlue



:iconcheckeredwingz: :iconuncrnflttrshy: :iconheiiotitty: :iconblue-porcupine: :iconwisternia:


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