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Late One Night . . . A Shooting Star
Late One Night . . . A Shooting Star
Light scatters
and sound so often
has no form.
I hope that what I say
takes shape.
If not, I will scatter.
I am after all  a   sho o t i n g    s  t   a    r  .   .   .
A speck of light
in the night.
:iconjampixel:jampixel 2 0
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United States
"Some people were born with silver spoons in their mouth. I was born with charcoal."

Hello, Namaste and Sat Sri Akal!

Welcome to my dA page!

By in large, you will not find all that much here, because I work at a very S L O W pace. In fact, so slow that truth tell, my 2D life had all but dwindled down to a doodle until I discovered Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio). In so many words, CSP was the set of aesthetic defibs that broke me out of my artistic arrhythmia. I am much more regular now.

That all said and aside. Other stuff... since I don't really know what to say here.

Eternal thought of the moment ~~> Plato Paraphrased: "Beauty invokes desire."
~ And Plato is not speaking of a hasty, surface level, perhaps even crass reaction. He is speaking of something deeper and more transcendental. Beauty provokes a desire within us - a desire to go out of ourselves, a desire ... a longing to rise above our world...

Something I feel when I listen to Mozart's Great Mass in C Minor ~~> Listen to the soprano, Ekaterina Siurina for the first 8 minutes or so.…

~ This is a majestic beauty. It is divine... It is a beauty that is golden. I suppose it is something that we can describe as being like an aural beatific vision.

Put it this way. I think that there are two sorts of desires.
(1) One sort of desire is one which, once it has been "satisfied", is still not enough. It leaves you hungry and hollow. This sort of desire - hollow desire, if you will - will eat you up. Like a drug ... its never enough... you consume it but it consumes you.

(2) Another sort of desire, transcendental desire if you will, also satisfies and yet is still not enough. It leaves you hungry, but not hollow. You consume it, but yet it does not consume you. It satisfies, but yet fills you with a deep longing. Where can you get more?

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." ~ Proverbs 4:23

~ Art is the means by which we draw ourselves out of ourselves. We draw in order to be drawn. You draw in order to be drawn out.  


Art is the means by which you draw others   -   out of themselves.
Susan Sontag makes a killer observation when she says the following:

Interpretation is the revenge of the intellect upon art.

Even more. It is the revenge of the intellect upon the world.

To interpret is to impoverish,
                     to deplete the world
-- in order to set up a shadow world of "meanings".

I am only concerned with her first sentence. I will have to still think through the rest later - perhaps even do some research. What she says blows me away, because it has to do with something that I have been scratching my head about in the back of my mind. It has to do with how Art, when it is truthful (i.e. authentic), good and beautiful is subversive to some. Art undoes its own creator in some cases. Futurism is a case in point, in some of its cases anyway. 

Anyway - I have to process this later.  I don't know that I will agree with her on everything. I definitely don't as far as the last few statements up above are concerned however I will have to read up more to get a context. In any event, this sort of has made my morning. 

CB2 L8R: Susan Sontag on the Trouble with Treating Art and Cultural Material as “Content”

Some notes because I tend to be pretty forgetful:

1) B3D has an add-on for Logarithmic & Archimedean spirals. You look for "extra" in user preferences and set that. Then do  [Shift]-A > Curve > Curve Spiral
Tentative Settings:
- Turns             : 5
- Steps             : 15
- Radius Growth: .5
- Radius           : .75
- Height           : 1.5

2) Imported Text can be brought in as SVG. It will be a curve by default.
2.1) I use [CTRL]-'J' to make one object out of the various words.
2.2) Set Extrusion to 0.001 in the Geometry area in Curve tab area (next to modifier).

3) Select Text and Add a Curve modifier.
4) In the Curve modifier select the spiral. 

3) Keyframing - 'I' for Insert and select 'L' for Location
4) [Shift]-'S' Get the cursor to the center / selection to the center



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