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Straw-Bunny Lemonade by JamminSam Straw-Bunny Lemonade :iconjamminsam:JamminSam 3 0 -Commissions Info- by JamminSam -Commissions Info- :iconjamminsam:JamminSam 1 0 Detail Practice by JamminSam Detail Practice :iconjamminsam:JamminSam 0 0
It was only their second time meeting, but as their hands touched, their eyes met, and they knew. Clearing their throats, making excuses, they hurried off in different directions—one filled with confusion, the other with pain. It isn’t every day that you remember someone else’s death, so vividly that it feels real. But the intensity fled in a moment, leaving them to struggle on their own, with fading emotions that weren’t theirs.
They do not meet again in that life, dancing around each other, never close but never too far, either, and the string that binds them gets tighter.
In their third chance, they come into the world together— aware from the start of who they are, who they were. Believing they know who they should be. They don’t need to search, but they don’t have the option of avoiding each other, either, joined at the hip. The twins go out the same way they came into this life— together.
Even this doesn
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Shiny New ID by JamminSam Shiny New ID :iconjamminsam:JamminSam 3 0 Spooky Icon by JamminSam Spooky Icon :iconjamminsam:JamminSam 3 0 .:Dancer in the Night:. by JamminSam .:Dancer in the Night:. :iconjamminsam:JamminSam 6 0 Raidne Rubrum .:Siren Pirate Captain:. by JamminSam Raidne Rubrum .:Siren Pirate Captain:. :iconjamminsam:JamminSam 5 4 Banjax Heartsworn .:COMMISSION:. by JamminSam Banjax Heartsworn .:COMMISSION:. :iconjamminsam:JamminSam 3 0 STREAM :: Ophellia Pile by JamminSam STREAM :: Ophellia Pile :iconjamminsam:JamminSam 3 2 Draw this Again! -10 Years!- by JamminSam Draw this Again! -10 Years!- :iconjamminsam:JamminSam 8 2
The Broken Third
All she had was a baseball bat. She palmed it, gave it a few swings, and sighed.
It was spring, the haze of pollen causing her to wear a surgical mask to avoid succumbing to her allergies.
Crystalline minerals that can’t be cut easily will shatter with the right amount of force.
The sun was setting, spilling red, orange and a hint of purple across the sky above her, reminding her of fall.
She grabbed her scarf, soft and red, and loosely hung it around her neck. She zipped up the hoodie she had borrowed from Poe, pulling the hood down as low as she could.
“Breathe. You got this.”
She marched out of the garage, hitting the button on her keyring to close the door after her, stowing them away in her pocket.
She narrowed her eyes in irritation, the pollen making her vision swim already. But the poster stapled to the telephone pole was more than enough motivation for her to straighten out her back and keep walking. There were birds flying overhead as she jogged to that spot
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The Second
She kept her red scarf pressed tight to her face, squinting against the cutting winds of winter. The soft blanket of white covering the town gave off a feeling of comfort and warmth, drawing her out of the safety of her home only to cut and nip at every exposed bit of skin.
The jog to the local store was a quick one, the sight of the open flag whipping around in the wind coaxing her into a run for the last few feet.
Warmth surrounded her the moment she was through the doors, allowing her to pull her scarf down from her mouth and take a deep breath. She grabbed a basket from the stack by the door, slowly wandering her way through the aisles. Children and parents waved as she passed, and she returned the gesture with a small smile.
She snatched things from the shelves and put them into her basket neatly, making sure everything would fit properly. She saved the ice cream bars for last, dreading the cold of the freezer aisle. But the time came, and she pulled her scarf closer before ventur
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The First
Children ran past the porch, buckets full of candy held close to their bodies so nothing would spill as they ran. Tori smiled down at the next girl, who kept pointing from her own hat to the one on the grownup girl’s head, grinning and bouncing with excitement. She might have given the little witch a bit extra.
As it grew darker and the toddlers were slowly replaced with older kids, she set aside the candy bin, vacating the chair for Po to take over. Hopping down the steps with a grin and wave, she jogged down the street of similarly decorated houses, waving to parents and children and teens she had grown up with. This was home.
She rounded the corner, almost at her destination, when she saw the same little witch from before pass between two houses. Curious as to why she was alone when it was getting so late, she picked up the pace a bit and slipped between the two houses.
Her cape disappeared into the bushes and trees ahead, making Tori break into a run, concerned. She followed
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Bubbles!! by JamminSam Bubbles!! :iconjamminsam:JamminSam 1 0


A test of dA's new commission system, mostly.
A bust of the character with a simple background and a border-- Examples can be given upon request via DMs!




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Mmmm, Strawberry Flavor....


Straw-Bunny Lemonade
Hey hey howdy! I know I don’t post here often, v sorry about that ;w;
Anyway, was trying out a new program, isn’t my favorite but I liked the end result!
-Commissions Info-
A pretty simple guide to the types of commissions I offer!

Will do;
- D&D characters
- OCs
- Fanart

Ask me about;
- Furries/ Anthros
- Partial/ tasteful nudity
- Character reference sheets

Won’t do;
- NSFW/Gore
- Anything I think is out of my skillset/ current ability

Shoot me a note or email me with questions!

No payment due upfront. I send over watermarked progress shots until the last step, and once it’s approved I send the invoice and send the final, non-watermarked version once I receive payment!
Paypal is preferred, but I’m willing to work with other methods of payment if they’re discussed before the commission is started.

All non-icon prices are for full-body pieces! Price might be higher or lower based on complexity of the design, but I’ll give you an estimate before I start.

Or, if you enjoy my art, you can buy me a coffee !

Check out some of my recent commissions here

Detail Practice
Took a doodle I did yesterday and went bonkers on details for fun, ended up liking the result!
The first fanart theme is Best Girl!
Comment here with some suggestions, if you have any! I've got a couple ideas in mind if I don't gather enough, and I'm already planning a bonus piece for the first month~

I’ve launched my Patreon!
Aaaa, I’ve been going back and forth for a while about doing this, but I’ve committed nowCheck it out here !! :dummy:

I also have a ko-fi page here

The first fanart theme is Best Girl!
Comment here with some suggestions, if you have any! I've got a couple ideas in mind if I don't gather enough, and I'm already planning a bonus piece for the first month~


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Liswyn Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Heyy!! I don't know if I should, but I dropped by to say thanks for the favorite on my little (pun intended) angry Edward!!

Also, I see you migrated from another account that I follow, so welcome back and again do DeviantART, I guess!! Hope this new experience is better than the previous ones.

Hope to see more from you soon!! :hug:
JamminSam Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for dropping by! I love FMA, and that icon is absolutely adorable~

Aww thanks, it's been nice to be back. I haven't had time to post much but I've got some stuff that I'll be putting up over the next week or so ^^
Liswyn Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
It's good to feel fresh and start anew, right? Even if you don't post much, it's nice to be calm and organize the gallery as you want to. I'm excited to see the outcomes of the projects you're about to develop!! :excited:

Aww isn't Fullmetal the most precious thing? I was really obsessed by the beginning of the year, then it calmed down a little bit... only to come back striking full-power again now HEHE! I just love it so much!! And it's SO NICE to share moments with people that like it too, right? :la: