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Stamp: I support Semi-Canons



(Description edited for better clarification)

If you're unfamiliar with the term, "Semi-Canons", or SCs, are characters who aren't canon but aren't fanchars either. They're fan interpretations, more often than not used in AU stories (but not always). They aren't OOC, per se, but are more like an experiment of different circumstances. Whether those circumstances be physical, in their surroundings, or from going into more AU territory with things in their history or world setting, etc... They're still themselves, technically, just developed differently based on what's thrown at them. SCs can vary greatly from the source material in personality, history, appearance, etc. and are intentional creations, not the product of someone with a poor grasp on character portrayal. More importantly, they never appear in any kind of official/canon material: IE, canon AU versions of the character (for example, the many incarnations of Sonic the Hedgehog) do not count, as they are not fan created.

My organic version of Metal Sonic is a perfect example. Canonically he's supposed to be a robot. He still has the same memories, origin, etc. and exists within the same continuity I write him in, but now he's been changed into an organic being which forces him to adapt and inevitably effects his perspective, personality and growth as a character. For all intensive purposes he's still Metal Sonic though, even though he's no longer 100% canon.

I've personally always found well developed semi-canons to be very interesting. So, whether or not you support the canon or are just doing it for fun, here is a stamp for others who share the interest.


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Oh hey, this is perfect!

I've actually got a whole host of semi-canons from Sailor Moon, but I never really knew what to call them. Thanks for this!