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Zombieland Saga - Saki

By jamjamstyle
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New sketch and one I enjoyed doing the most so far. Hope you guys like it :) Would love to hear opinions.
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So awesome. I am currently watching thiz
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Enjoying it currently? :) I'm waiting for a s2 
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Eh it's ok. I think I am not to much of a fan of idol music drama.
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This is really great! I like the girl's design and colors against the gray background. Awesome! :heart:
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Sketch my ass, this is CRISP muh boi, straight amazing.
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wow youre so good! teach me DX
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Thanks for faving!
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Cute and sexy girl ^^''

How old is she?
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I really love her expression!  And that lovely hair~  =D
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She looks really good! (I really like saki after that chapter dedicated to her), all the proportions seem to be right and I like how you used the colors. I am by no means an expert so I'm not sure what I would change if you want that type of opinion too
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Yeah same, I enjoyed her episode, hence why she was next on my list haha. I just like to know how others perceive my work and if I can improve by reading comments that reveal things I missed while making the drawing. :) Your comment alone makes me happy :) 
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She seemed kinda bland up to that moment, I cant wait to see who is next (And get hurt, I will never recover from Saki's and Lilly's episodes!) and true, other people tend to be able to see if something is off when we cant (Reason I show my art to friends to know what I might have missed before posting!)

And im glad my comment made you happy! You do great art!
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The primary focus seems to go to Sakura for 2 episodes now I think. I wanted Tae tbh. Regardless, I did already some prework on a Yamada Tae sketch because she is the most mysterious one out of the group haha. 
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I am incredibly curious about Tae as well, like, she hasnt even "Awoken" yet, something must be going on, and when she (if she more like) comes to her senses, that will come with an explanation into the zombies and who the manager is...

But well, Sakura is kinda the "main protagonist" so guess we gotta see what happens next with her
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