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Complete Map of Narnia

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This is the complete map of C.S Lewis' fictional land of Narnia and it's surrounding nations. The key provided illustrates the names of all in-nation locations for the various nations. Also included is a map of the Underlands from 'The Silver Chair'. Copyright James Hynson / Jamison Hartley 2011.

Feel free to comment and fave it!
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© 2011 - 2020 JamisonHartley
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soboturkNew Deviant

My soon-to-be 7yr old son is obsessed with this map. It's his first time reading through the series with me, and we're halfway through The Last Battle. He turns 7 in about a month and I've been searching EVERYWHERE for a true, detailed, complete map of Narnia and surrounding countries and islands. How does this NOT exist in 2020!? You have created the coolest map, but I wish I could blow it up to Wall Size for him and have it printed for his birthday. I will literally catch him laying on his bed, leaning down close, studying all the locations. It's just so very cool for him! Any options on having this blown up and framed??

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SoundwaveCheese777Hobbyist General Artist
This is really cool, thank you for making it!
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No worries! Glad you like it :)

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I have read all seven of the books dozens of times each and can literally recite entire chapters. That being said, I can say that Narnia-wise, this is the most accurate map I have ever seen. I'm not sure why the artist added extra locations that aren't in the books; such as the lands south of Calormene, the details of Telmar, the names of the lone islands (The only two actually mentioned are Brenn and Muil), and the cities in Calormene (though mentioned, their locations are not stated).
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Hey there, glad you like the map! It's been a while since I made this. I was reading the books at the time and found myself captivated by the landscape but really aggravated by the lack of material online. Lord of the Rings has an entire atlas, so why not the world of Narnia?

I went through and searched for all the artwork produced by Pauline Baynes, and the movies as they were being produced. A lot of the map is basically cobbling together different pieces, and combining them using a palette I'm most familiar with. It still left a lot of grey area, however, and wanted to illustrate where it was likely other mentioned sites likely were, such as the settlements in Calormen and placing them all along the Great River of Calormen (logical), and giving Telmar a solid location, though we already knew it to be "to the west".

Other names and pieces were just my imagination; the books mentioned lands to the south, so I just named them "One, two, three, four and five" in other languages, and the same with the Witches Country in the north! I can't remember how I named the remaining five of the Seven Isles, but likely they were cobbled together from other languages as well.

Damn bro you really worked hard for this one and this is one of the best maps I ever saw thank you❤

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can i get a copy of this without the text or border boundaries?
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Unfortunately, I don't have a copy like that! Only this one I'm afraid.
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This is perfect! I've been referring to different Narnia maps while writing a fanfiction but the main one featured in the books by Pauline Baynes has such small writing it's always hard to make everything out, and then I always felt like it was a little lacking. Yours, however, is perfect! I like how you added a map of Underland and some countries to the south, as well :D
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Thank you! Yeah I looked at dozens of maps online and figured it would work best just to compile them all. I'm really glad you like it! :)
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You're very welcome! :)
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You should make a map of Oz
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By Oz was I mean the Wizard of Oz . I suggested it because you made a map of Narnia with all locations from book and movie and for the Oz map you make one with all of the locations from the books, 1939 movie and Oz the great and powerful😄
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kingdragon01Hobbyist Photographer
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Dang, dude. Nice map.
How accurate would you say this was, percentage wise?
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Thanks man. I'd say almost completely; when sourcing materials I found that most maps had been drawn by the same person, so the only new thing to the map layout was that of the movies, which has been integrated into the design. It is perhaps the most complete map of the world of Narnia for this reason :)
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So which countries are made up? Everthing except the northern countries and Calormen?
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Bruha Gwilad and the five countries south of Calormen are the only made up locations, though they do represent lands that are alluded to and mentioned in the series.
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So the countries at the bottom of the map are made up? Is there any information on them?
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Yeah all made up :) The books refer to "countries to the south", as Calormen was not originally so big, but rather gained size as it took over surrounding nations. As well at the end of The Last Battle at the gate it refers to people and creatures from all over that world, not just Narnia. Their naming I did by fusing various languages for numbers crossing left to right, so "Einuno" is One in German and Spanish, and so on :)
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ElykRindonHobbyist General Artist
really cool. did you add the other countries at the south? because i have two things to say:

>according to my research, the entire south lands are part of calormen (from the companion to narnia)

>C. S. Lewis said to his fans that its up to us to fill in the in-betweens of the seven books. this map will give us a series of great fanfics that will take our kings and queens to those lands. :D
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Only-One-RuleStudent General Artist
This is really helping me create a map for a crossover, thanks!
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I loooooooooooovvveeeee yoooou.
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