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Undead Haiku
I exhume my soil
Reaching for the horizon
Escaping Grave's womb
Modern sewage cave
Tunnels harbor ghoulish eyes
Hordes of rummaging hunger
Humanoid talons
Daggers of mouth & leering
Dark hour's blood monger
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Mature content
Fantasies :iconjamineggs:jamineggs 0 0
Tip of the Tongue
A different word from freedom
but not alone
My mind emancipating reality
insanity grounded
Thoughts chaotic
forming patterns
Dimensionally changed
Presently the same
Refuge of the conscientious
yet ordinarily speaking -
when I dye the facade portrait
I will escape the myth
The decay is fastening
Life exhuming
A void deity bearing
the Javelin of Empathy
Sympathy is bleeding
Humanity succeeding
(Be the V)
Today the vacancy is in their eyes
Annointed prisms of the callous
Sanctity is lacking
in the conventionally unified
& breeding clones
We all appear the same
Altering reality
through pills, prayer
& ideological perceptions
The miracously mundane
& fallable free thinkers
stir the spiraling vaccuum
seething into the vortex
of our artificial creations
(Sinner's Sarcasm)
The calling for the herd
people grazing in mass population -
awaiting the redemption
of their prophetical fantasy
Heresay collected
as divine documentation
channels the obsession
to be The One they cannot
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The horizon left abandoned-
the spectacle for reluctance and love
The servitude marching in line
only to be starved of the 'un-sated apple'
Fallen dreams
caught by streets of the selfish infertile,
& fortunate tears of the blessed
coat the empty hearted
False hope
raining in the plays of the irreverent -
casting blames
across the ever-so-called stellar destiny.
(the City)
Bland glass
rescued from the post-biphenyl age
Naked lakes of quicksand
land-locked by the masterminds
of rubber and rock recipes
Phosphorous bulbs
igniting the undead avenues
& the winding clocks
are lost to the backward descendants
Desolate trees
waving to the fall out
of radioactive lies
And the suspended fateful
wake to the zenith of our plastic shores
He will try
the third person will taunt him
Avenues bailing out hope
& closing down the extras
She's three flights up
No waiting
but a four block chase
He will mind it to bigger proportions
Calling it as he dives for the fallen 'one-wayer
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Soap Box
I place myself here
in this box of mischief
There's an obsession behind these man-made lines
the temptation of riding out of the storm and looking into it
This forest I'm in
my lust defined by everyone's sin
I walk in the tunnel's vision
light at my back & a view of my mission
Alone like the shallow begging seas
and to see if there's enough loneliness
I'll elevate above the sedated entities
Parallel parking blind folded
just like this kind of hoping, dating,
& then the waiting
Broken & Remolded
just like that,
no regrets, no hating
This declaration,
developing by mistakes & haunting memories
I'm working on one while you got your packaged self-identity
my past; an adventure
yours; tortured stories
(Open Book)
I have left the door wide open
the pages continuously blank;
mechanical pencil, ballpoint pen
Question what refuses to be questioned
the notion of possibilities
will be grand & constantly mentioned
Plunge into provocative shadows
& watch controversy cut through the da
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Become none of many
Born with a number
Artificial name
Clothed for the body
Naked minds blind folded
& spoon fed
Provide the camouflage
Colorful crowds
moan ghostly
The pale result
In passing
Popes and Good Samaritans
are none of many
(Anthem in Reveille)
the bridge for your soul gap
Lyrical migration
sound judges coax the confused
Debauchery drowned out
Explicate the definition
without explanation
Filter threatened
Reach through the monotonous speakers
Other side
Undeniable diction
answered by the oracle of instruments  
Flight Delay
Collateral hostage
Sacrifice the Martyr-Ransom
Absolute finite
solemn swear-promise
Wield it before control
Lose the norm for expensive ideas
None is priceless
and all is nothing
The material is melting bold colors
Temptation is
plastic & paper
Gold & silver will be the last cast stone
(Number Negative)
Chase the idea right.
Out of your head climb into tree
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      (The inside)
      The sheets of sliding
      into me
      Smooth hair of gliding
      engage to see  
      The bronze of aging
      imagine you
      Golden. Never changing
      & into view
      Not a part
      I am a segment
      Dark into an empty stage
      waste & replace me
      Capitalize the denial
      & repeat the incoherence
      Fall of my youth
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Racing Thoughts
This special day in my mind
wandering like the fields of desolation
I am entranced & trapped forever in the hour glass
Grasping for a piece of serenity
falling in the rain of summer collecting souls for their love
before they finally disappear
I drag like the carpet beneath my feet
& with these sentimental wings and countless dreams
I'll bounce off the clouds & wander like a weightless energy
(Late at Night)
Frozen ice on yellow grass
cows pasture on the dying mass
Feeding and choking in darkness splendor
The seeds will never come and make it tender
The heat departed and forgotten
The night's poison chills and all is rotten
The cows pasture on the dying mass
frozen ice on yellow grass
Winter was a friendly tear just yesterday
as wind caressed my fondness,
remembering coolness as melting snow
And the satire of the sun
mocks the ascending wings of delicate feathers
as I sought for structure in the subtle breeze
Evaporate for beauty sake
underlines breaking skin with solid tears
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Venus and her lucky number
(Ode to California)
Swallowing the summer's heat
and breathing in the memory of regret
(this is where I used to be)
Then I caught the next train
out to the sands of California
I grabbed her invisible hand
(just like all the other pretty ghosts)
extending their shores & tasting the salty tears
lapping at my fingertips
My pilgrim feet
lounging in the decay of someone's past
& taking in all the advances
made to the advantage of sunsets & moonlit drives
I'm a listener
watching mouths with disdain
& eyes with curiosity
The delicate fingers
avoiding confrontation at all cost
I wonder, remember
& try to contemplate beauty
The difference in a few degrees
there I find myself amazed & bewildered
I'm a bird watcher
match-making what feathers would go together in my fantasies
I am stumbling by the pedals
grazing by my side, blushing, and looking away
I breath in a current of innocence and sweetness
Trailing with a cautious eye
I watch a careful blossom move
I am the stem of a gla
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Unorthodox Haiku
Soundless synapses
acquiring lucid thoughts
conscious unaware
The mad production
refracting stellar compounds
elusive photons
volatile slogans
a cohesive interface
words sprout new meaning
Death's star, not quite far
Parasitic particles
Apathetic cells
Inject & neglect
Inspiration itemized
Exile unjust
Coding is tragic
loveless caskets sun-basking
magical trap dens
Masquerade powder
paradise artificial
contriving beauty
The being's fracture.
Primordial conduit.
Live cosmic streaming
Solitary lines
conclusively binary
forging the trodden
Vacant eyes dripping
sanity opens the pores
reluctant minds span
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Stories for the morally damned
(Forthcoming Days)
The pain between my eyes
from my own demise
The channeling stream around my sphere
from my tear
The sweat bore from each strain
for my gain
The change to be as a whole
for my soul, for my soul  
(Ignorance is bliss)
I am a man
with splinters and a stick
Fighting a childhood war
that was lost long ago
I am pacing furiously in my mind
challenging the cold steel bars of mortality
The golden rule reminds me
how I learned to try
and now I bend  
A day before change
my troubles entranced and strange
Who have I to blame
a cycle of life and death's game
This one's bigger than the sphere
riding solar waves, immuned to the tear
It was a lothesome life: year of the wanderer
there's been better lies that made it fonder
There's a different wind with visible sighs
he'll stretch his sails and collecting love he denies
This solitude of introduction like stone and ground
someone's alone tonight; long before he left town   
Along this peril trail
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Personal Quote: when I dye the facade portrait
I will escape the myth


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