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Wonder Woman Esquire

My new Wonder Woman Cover for Esquire magazine.

For info about commissions, go to [link]
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Very Nice work! Inspiring to artist like myself! 
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:) gotta be some of the hottest ww art i've seen lol! very impressive
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Please, for the love of God, DO MORE OF THESE!!! (preferably Maxim)
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very good composition, very impressive
i really don't like her neck and head though :(
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She is probably one of the sexiest women of the year next to Power Girl.
It would be a stiff competition. No pun intended :D
U1trawoman's avatar
Sexiest woman of the year eh? And I was worried Catwoman was my major competition, <grin>
Shulkie's avatar
Your only competition would be 6'7", 600lbs. and green wearing purple/white:D
U1trawoman's avatar
I don't know if I can take Shulkie in a fair fight.

Of course I don't fight fair. . . :devil:
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That's fine 8-) cause she has many skills:evillaugh:
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It's a nice picture. I am sensing you do like to draw long, leggy women too.
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very impressive, love the magazine cover theme
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Your damn right shes da sexiest woman of the year :)
Your art skills are incredible
seriously i love your spinoff magazine covers of these characters. please never stop doing them...they are sooooo awesome!!!
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