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Supergirl Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Here is my Supergirl Sports illustrated Swimsuit Edition.
Pencils and Magazine layout by me, colors by Sanju

Here is a link to Sanju's deviant site

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that is nothing other that awesome. Heart Clap 
DoyleZombie's avatar
This is so cool!
Stangace20's avatar
love this one so much had to get a print of it.....had the idea though that maybe you should do a few like they were inside this issue, like a spread of SG and PG like it says in the byline.

would love to see that
maovonema's avatar
sexiest top 100 heroes by Clark Kent. I bet he really enjoyed that...
JamesZilla2k11's avatar
Wow, this is so sexy!
papalabas's avatar
Will there be a Pic where she hits the Sand? LOL
Supergirl/Powergirl on the AVP would be awesome. Impossible to beat, with their super strength of hitting the ball, and flying.
macrossmecha's avatar
hmm thats is a interesting idea . Who would get voted for the cover?
MellissaLynn's avatar
Wow! This was great as line art, but it really works with the colors. Well done!

Oh...and my guess is, she got the tattoo in Kandor...
kokosama6910's avatar
Can anyone tell me how Supergirl got a tattoo on her arm with impenetrable skin...ha ha ha I love it and I'm jus being silly.
MellissaLynn's avatar
It's a temporary! :giggle:
cmichaelhall's avatar
So fun, so sexy! But how the heck does Supergirl get a tattoo, anyway? That's gotta be one special needle. ;)
SapphireCrusader's avatar
Well done. Well done, indeed.
wyldvenom's avatar
Awesome work! Love the hair, love the freckles, love the tattoo, and I love how small her bottoms are.

Super sexy stuff! :superman:
JuPMod's avatar
:drool: Whoa! Very hot! Kara definitely is super model material alright! All the single guys definitely will be drooling over her. :D

??? Uhhhh... I might be way behind the DC canon times, but is Amazon Island suppose to be a guy-free zone? How can Jimmy set foot on the island without the Amazons wanting to kill him? :confused:
L1701E's avatar
He probably is wearing rocket boots so he doesn't touch the ground or something.
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