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GI JOE's Baroness on Viper Magazine

Here is the long awaited Baroness on Viper Magazine. She turned out awesome and no other character can rock the black latex and armor like Destro's hottie.. If your interested in a print of this you can visit [link] and contact us via the contact page..

If you have some cool headlines I am open to putting a couple more in and give credit for them as well... GO JOE...J

Pencils by Jamie Tyndall
Magazine Layout by Jamie Tyndall
Colors by the talented Sanju Click here to see his portfolio:
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Hottest villain ever.
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How to keep your rifle clean,lubed and functional.

New simple way to break down your weapon and service it.

How to interrogate a Joe.

Bivouacing Do's and Don'ts.

How to use an empty rifle effectively with Storm Shadow.
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Who knew Cobra had a magazine? Baroness would be a good moral booster for Cobra.
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How about...Adjusting Your Firepower For MAXIMUM OVERKILL! Getting the most out of your Dental Benefits by Dr. Mindbender - Copperhead Shares His Secret Moccasin Moves To Dish Out Some Southern Dis-Comfort To The Joes - Zarana Shows The Troops A Little Southern Hospitality - Crimson In The Congo: Cobra Forces And Blood-Red Diamonds
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Good indeed!
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Amazing work!
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Awesomely hot work with our lady!

I hope in the Top 100 failed plots they include the "Cold Slither" heavy metal band (I was rooting for THEM against the Joes, and after that episode, I went back to my Judas Priest, WASP, and Ozzy tapes) and trying to abduct Gung-Ho's family in the bayou country of Louisiana (watching Baroness freak upon seeing a gator was hella funny for me!).

Maybe the next covergirl for Viper can be Zaranna--punk rock girl hot!
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thanks.. I am a big fan of the 80's show too
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Very impressive character works.
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I love high-quality cover mockups like this.
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This is stunning AND funny.

Only the chocolate ist missing :3
Here are some titles for you.

New gun sight actually lets you hit the enemy!

Evil Works!
Why the way of the Snake is right for you!
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hahahah this is amazing, great work.
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I don't currently have any article ideas for this magazine cover but I do have an addition to one you've already added.

I think you should call your failed cobra plots article:

Foiled Again!
Top 100 Failed
Cobra Plots
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this is sick. nice work
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She is very sexy. Amazing Artwork :love:
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hahaha, love this image. Really good. Splendid work.
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looks like a good read.
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Wow! awesome work as always :)
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