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beauty into cliches /// Autumn Storybook

(TL;DR song lyrics Madison Cunningham/Beauty into Clichés)…

Oh how I feel for the sky
Overused by poetry and rhymes
It's in the sentence that follows
"We stayed up all night"

Oh shouldn't it concern me
If we shrink beauty to fit into our minds
Don't have to listen to the whole song
To know what's in the third line

Tell me should I feel right
Tell me should I feel fine
About tossing the meaning for the sake of the rhyme
But aren't we good at turning beauty into clichés?

Oh how I feel for the lonely girl
Quickly made into a woman by the world
They combed sense through her hair
Straightening out her curls

While you're waiting for someone to see you
You make fast friends with abuse
And you'll do just about anything it tells you to

But I'll never feel right
I'll never feel fine
With shaping the meaning to fit in the rhyme
Changing the human into what sells and buys
But aren't we good at turning beauty into clichés?

It's never, ever so alphabetical
You go out of order and they call you heretical
And you just said what nobody had time to hear
Pretending the truth isn't explicit
Won't sensor the people affected by it
It's like the first time you ever heard real music in your ears

It'll never be enough
It'll never measure up
Turning the depth of the ocean to the size of a cup
But aren't we good at turning beauty into clichés?

It'll never make sense
If you make sense of it
All the things that make you cry out of happiness
But some things are just better left unexplained
But aren't we good at turning beauty into clichés.

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Nice shot and text but why Pictober2021 and Pictober ?

The Challenge is B&W photos with some new words every day.

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Thanks! Mistake! Thanks for noting, I took it off😮😊

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Thank you very much.

Have a nice week.

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