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Swinging the Day Away

I was taking Adventure Time requests in a livestream and ~heathlynnn took advantage of me being weak. I thought it'd make a nice finished piece so I did a background and painted it.

At some point while working on this Bronte by Gotye came on and with this context I probably could have painted the rest of the damn picture with my tears. Stupid sweet tragic babies.

Tumblr Mirror

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X-I-L2048's avatar
Aww, this is so sweet! I really love the perspective and coloring on this, too. =D
chromeknickers's avatar
You are breaking my heart with how beautiful these pictures are. :(
JamieKinosian's avatar
Haha well then I've accomplished my mission! I'm glad you think so ;p
Tigereye77's avatar

I love this piece. I love the characters too. In fact, I love Marcey and Simon so much I made a YouTube video about them, and I put your piece in the video! Hear is a link if you want to watch it:…

superxtoon's avatar
so adorable :3 the episode is sooo sad :(
Sinclair-milo's avatar
swing life away by rise against goes well with this!
JamieKinosian's avatar
Awww~ I love that song. :')
blueironhawk's avatar
i love simon's face, look lovely, and i love where the painting take place,=/
JamieKinosian's avatar
Thank you so much! I definitely wanted to play on the atmosphere. (: ♥
Rosewater224's avatar
this is wonderful, you captured Simon's fatherly expression so well and lovingly. they are the lost Father and Daughter of Ooo/Earth.

the Bubblegum mass poking around is soo cute. Is that Princess Bubblegum before she developed properly? or a relative maybe?

Your Picture is brilliant and adds a lot of feelings to the storyline of Simon and Marcy. it's perfect!
JamieKinosian's avatar
I'm glad having the bubblegum cameo was a nice addition as I wasn't sure what to put in the gap initially.

Personally I do hope that it is Princess Bubblegum herself despite the fact that she claims to be 18. It almost makes her more of a role of Goddess for her Candy people which I find incredibly appealing. I think it would also make sense for her cold personality. I like the idea that her and Marcy grew up in the new world together. Even if it isn't her, I adore the idea that it is.

Thank you so much on your nice comment and I'm so happy to do the characters justice.
Rosewater224's avatar
it was a delightful nudge at her or....what was Her. the fact the little creature is smiling (it is, isn't it?) brings it together. I actually thought this was a scene or a portrayed Scene from the show.
the Gap could've had a number of hidden characters or objects. if the crown was in there, you'd think Simon abandoned whatever be controling him, and focused on raising marcy. or the Lich snail, or various things.

Me as well. and.....I think the creator got a bit confused with her age status. because in the earlier adventure times I've heard her mention knowing the ice king for a long time, and also being quite old herself. pretty sure there was an episode where she told Finn she was a 1000 years old like Marceline and the ice king. older even.
however the episodes contributing to her becoming thirteen and eighteen seem to have....thrown away the idea she was ever 1000 years old.
Now, as you've pointed out, she is claiming to be eighteen. so more, no less.
If they'er going with the idea of her and Finn eventually becoming a couple, it's possible they don't want that....older woman thing to be too much of an issue. being five years older is fine. where......being Many years older is quite the.....touchy subject.
Yes, and the episode with lemongrab (his name is very heard to understand). the second episode, where she teaches him to care for everyone and snuggle them and love them everyday, (his face is completely giggle inducing), she a goddness in her own right. and when she meditates with Finn and Jake with that beautiful Gigantic tree looming overhead. It's almost a palace fit for the candy gods.
It would!
Their also sisterly, Marcelines the Rebel and Bubblegum is Pink and Pretty and avoids causing damage to whats around her. unlike the vampire.
I love the Idea she was once watching over Simon and Marcy and was there when the ice king suddenly took over completely. and she led Marcy to a safe place where she'd live until Her dad came back from wherever it is he went off to. If, Marcy still saw her actual dad as....her real dad.
do you think Marceline could.....find a way to bring Simon back? with Bubblegum and Finn's help. even for a day or two, know He's alive.
or even....give Ice king back some of those memories, besides the fact he used to wear glasses.

No problem. again, It was fantastic and brilliant and revolved so much around Simon and Marcy that it hurt my teeth because of how adorable it was. the way you got Marcy smiling and looking to be having so much fun. and Simon's loving fatherly expression was tear-jerking. I love your art.
And they are happy too. perhaps Bubblegum will hire you to paint some royal art for her!
Devin-Trinidad's avatar
Did you draw the gummy mess in the crack in the fence? Because its a real great reference to what could have happened back then. Do you think that's why Ice King likes Bubblegum so much?
JamieKinosian's avatar
I did! I certainly love thinking about the way they've all grown up together haha.
JaneGane's avatar
Jamie, it's great.
JamieKinosian's avatar
eee thank you so much! :heart:
Heart-of-Pyrite's avatar
I wish my weaknesses worked out this well. This is wonderful - the expressions, the warm colors, the challenging perspective - everything's beautiful.
JamieKinosian's avatar
Relationships and the emotions between them like with Simon & Marcy is my biggest inspiration for artwork. I love relationships that feel so genuine. I really appreciate the sweet comment. I'm glad to hear you like it. :)
LadyBonnet's avatar
It's so cuute! :iconsuperkawaiiplz:
JamieKinosian's avatar
Thank you so much! :heart:
LadyBonnet's avatar
You're welcome!
Cyber-Phantom-Kai's avatar
The lighting,the details, the expressions, everything is so perfect! :iconcryingrainbowsplz: This is the most impressive piece of AT fan art I've ever seen.
JamieKinosian's avatar
Oh wow thank you so much. I'm flattered you think so highly of it! :heart:
kurautora's avatar
i am sad now :c

of course your art is just as gorgeous as ever!
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