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She Deserves It

augaughguagh I love these two so much and their dumb antics and WOOOOPPPH I want him to spoil her so much after what happened in Not What He Seems.
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That's too much Daw.... TOO MUCH
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Wonderfull ! 
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This is literally too cute for words~
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Everything about this is the best! Love the color pallet, the forms are great, and I love all the little details. Stan's dollar sign jammies, Mabel's Hoo-Ha Owl shirt, and Waddles asleep on the stairs is adorable.
What pens do you use? Your lines look so clean and smooth.
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Oh my gosh, this style for them is GENIUS!!! I especially love Grunkle Stan's expression- he's so loving, even when he pretends he's really tough, and you conveyed this perfectly! Stunning piece! 
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Too much cute.  Love it~
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aahhgdsh this is absolutely amazing! AhhhhI cannot wait til the next episodes!
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Alright,  the only Disney cartoons I'm watching for the moment are Wander over Yonder and sometimes Phineas and Ferb, and I never watched a single episode of this one, but there are so many people who make fanarts of Gravity Falls, so I need to know: is this great?
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yes, it is absolutely fantastic and has a good storyline
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Alright then, I'll try to watch an episode during my free time ^^
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:aww: This is great! I especially like that you included Waddles in the background.
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Awh thanks Zim! C: 
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