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I haven't posted in a while and I do have some art to submit, so here is a newer piece.

I love Storm, as you guys know. BUT I feel I never do her justice. So, I sat down one afternoon to just draw. And I came up with this. AND I'm happy with it. I mixed her original crown and cape with her 90's uniform and tried to modernize it a bit.

I then set out to get it colored by a specific colorist, Israel Silva, of Secret Warriors fame.

Lines/Inks by me :iconjamiefayx:

Colors to come by :iconirlgzz:

Storm © Marvel Comics/Disney

If you'd like to color this, please follow these rules: Rules When Coloring My Artdue to the actions of a deviant, i want to take a moment and once again, give the rules to coloring my art. you may not color my art, and it WILL be turned in as art theft, UNLESS you follow these 5 simple rules:
1. you must color it as the character it is, using proper color schemes. if you are uncertain, ask me. i'll gladly help out.
2. you must credit me and include my icon in your artist's comments
3. you must send me a link first thing after posting it.
4. you can not post my art on any other site other than deviantART, without permission from me.
5. if the piece is a commissioned piece that includes coloring, do not post the art until the official version is posted in my gallery.
6. coloring must be digital colors. do not print out my at and color it by hand. (sorry, people print it out and then say its just their art and don't credit me)
if you don't follow these rules, you are not allowed to color my art and all violations will be turned into admins as art theft and asked for t
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