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The Ward and Skye pics were asked for for this images, the combination of both.

Lines/Inks by :iconjamiefayx:

Colors by :icondstpierre:

Skye and Ward © Marvel/Disney
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© 2017 - 2021 JamieFayX
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Very cool job on both characters. :)
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Dat lit fam! I ship it. I don't know why.
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If ever there be two opposites. :)
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I find it funny that Hail Hydra is starting to become an internet sensation since is way WAY overused for alot cartoons, movies, etc. Heck if anyone sees anybody in fiction whispering in someones ear, it'll be "hail hydra"
MirrorKhaos's avatar
Snukastyle's avatar
That's, like, the best "shipping" name ever :)
Kaedegirl's avatar
it blends in perfectely together :D 
NRGPreview's avatar
Too bad things happened the way they did. I was rooting for these two in Season 1.
JamieFayX's avatar
lol me too but now he is an asshole! and dead! lol
NRGPreview's avatar
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oops! sorry. spoilers!
BalloonPrincess's avatar
Magnificent!  :)

Before I get the third season on Blu-ray, I'm going back and watching the first two seasons ... :)
JamieFayX's avatar
cool cool. season 3 was really good!
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This is Brilliant!!  Very well done!
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thank you. danielle made the piece shine though!
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awesome work, really awesome
JamieFayX's avatar
thanks so much
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