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Rogue X - In Color

Here is a Rogue I drew, wearing a costume designed by me. I took a few of her previous looks and mixed them together. Much like what I did for Dazzler:

Dazzler - X-MEN by JamieFayX

Lines/Inks by me :iconjamiefayx:

Colors by :icondstpierre:

Rogue © Marvel Comics/Disney
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© 2018 - 2021 JamieFayX
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actually, I'm quite fond of this costume.

DragonmanX-90's avatar
I like this look; very nice work
ManNamedEd's avatar
Wow what an fantastic looking design!!  
Knight22179's avatar
This is awesome, Jamie! ^_^
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janimutikainen's avatar
Such beautiful drawing and very cool design.
deviantartbrowsa's avatar
Love the look! Really like how you blended classic and modern looks together. Captures Rogue's essence very well. 
Kaedegirl's avatar
I think I can figure out three costumes of her including the 90's one :heart: beautiful my dear :) 
AgentofMischief's avatar
I love your take on her uniform! It looks like it'd be fun to cosplay. 
delightedmuse's avatar
Love the sunset glow lighting!
chaoticlatina's avatar
Oh man! I would TOTALLY cosplay if I got permission! :iconinloveplz:
JamieFayX's avatar
Do it. Make sure I get pics.
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I wish Rogue wore this now in the comics. :D
VegetarianGoat's avatar
i LOVE this costume! A great look for my favorite character, for sure. :D
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Quander's avatar
I’d love to see a Rogue and Carol Danvers team up in the comics.
GunMasterG3's avatar
Not these days. Marvel comics is a shadow of itself. Damned SJW’s
MirrorKhaos's avatar
Excellent work by the pair of you again.
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very nice  Cool WinkClapping Hands  
wildpegasus13's avatar
Great job! Sweet costume!
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