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Rogue - Legacy

By JamieFayX
here is my newest rogue piece colored by the amazing danielle st. pierre, the colorist on my book NeverMinds.

we are thinking about doing commissions together like this in the future. would you guys be interested? let me know ;)

lines/inks by me :iconjamiefayx:

colors by :icondalexisstpierre:

rogue © marvel comics
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© 2012 - 2021 JamieFayX
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I like the look you picked for the character. There are many variations on the characters look do you have a favorite?
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I'm still learning the basics in digital art and I wanted to try this out with my own twist. I don't want to make it seem like I stole your artwork or anything so I'm telling you how that I'm using your picture as a reference because I simply love everything about it and want to try my own :) I hope you're okay with that.
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Awesome sexy and beautiful work on her
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I'm not sure for what reason this is my favorite of your Roque pieces.
Thanks for fav. mine!
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sorry for favoriting everything of yours - i'm kind of obsessed Blush 
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it's cool. it's a compliment :)
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Amazing I also loved the fact you've included her 90s trademark outfit with the bomber jacket (I remember watching the X-Men 90s TAS when I was younger)â&…
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yep yep. thats her iconic look in my opinion.
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Me too I love the classic one as well a bit more :D
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Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe this pick...
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oh this is awesome! great work!
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