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Pepper Potts - Rescue MCU

I was asked to do a piece of Pepper Potts as Rescue. I drew her as portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow and the client loved her. I'm sort of proud of this one. Mech people scare me a bit lol Since she doesn't have a team affiliation, I ORIGINALLY used the Arc Reactor as her symbol BUT I think the Avengers A would be a better fit. :) Also, I used her most recent costume version as reference and took some liberties with past costumes too, to make this version.

Lines/Inks by me :iconjamiefayx:

Colors by :icondstpierre:

Pepper Potts/Rescue © Marvel Comics/Disney
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Loved her in Endgame.
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And now it’s official!
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Now this is the female Ironman that Riri Williams failed to be which is hottt 😀

Pepper looks good in armor, if I was Stark I would’ve asked her to marry me 😀❤️❤️
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Great work! :D

(Really wish we'd see this in one of the movies...)
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It's honestly kinda disappointing, we might never get to see this. That would've been amazing! At least, we have awesome artist like you, to show us what that might look like. The lighting and colouring here are fantastic, the details are really great and the shading's pretty good.
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she is supposedly back in spider-man. so, anything is possible! i really liked gwyneth as pepper!

yes! per usual, danielle made this piece GORGEOUS!!!
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Pepper become Rescue, really awesome.

I think I like it.
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Absolutely stunning piece man, wow.
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Wow what an awesome piece of art. A cool What If Pepper took up the Iron Man mantle 
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thanks. she does have her own armor in the comics.
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