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Paige - NeverMinds

Here is an image that was created for the official Drumfish Productions website,

This is Paige Harris, the team's pilot. She played a big role in issue 2 and she is one of the characters that has been part of the series through all of our changes, along with Alanis and tech guy, Gavin.

Backstory - Paige originally started out as a heavy set white woman. I really liked her in this version but she never seemed right. She just wasn't clicking. Then she became an asian woman, who was a bit on the goth side. again, she wasn't working. It wasn't until i decided to make her African American that she started to feel right. Now she is one of my favorites to draw and i love her hair, which was inspired by an NYC model I saw on the street. Hope you like her!!

lines/inks by me :iconjamiefayx:

colors by :icondalexisstpierre:

Paige © :icondrumfishproductions: :iconjamiefayx: :iconrichbernatovech:
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She reminds me of a badass version of Astrid from the tv show Fringe.
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i'll have to look it up :)
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Together you guys did great. I love this characeter concept.
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Such a cool design
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glad you like it
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she is beatuiful
JamieFayX's avatar
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She looks AWESOME! Great work by you and Danielle as always.  :D
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thanks richy b! i can't wait until we can show the others :)
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I like this costume and character. Thank You.
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thanks. glad you like her. she is a fave!
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aaawww long time no see my dear :) she looks amazing! :D :D  me too I love her hair!
JamieFayX's avatar
thanks so much. had a rough few months but i'm back and going :)
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aaawww I'm sorry to hear that but you have my support :heart:
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very nice ;) (Wink)

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