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Jean Grey - X-Men Red

Here is my take on Jean Grey from X-Men: Red. I am really loving the book!!!

Lines/Inks by me :iconjamiefayx:

Colors by :iconirlgzz:

Jean Grey © Marvel Comics/Disney
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© 2018 - 2021 JamieFayX
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Any idea of someone at Marvel is an XCom fan?
I mean the 90’s one since I saw vibes of the armor here.
especially the Faceless mask and armor.
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The art and line art is really good!!! I must ask for advice! It may be a burden to ask, but how do you draw the lineart so clean and curvy? It's very professionally done!! :o
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This is quite nice! And I am SO glad she's back for good. Got so sick of all these clones and AU versions of her but not the real deal until now. 
Yagirlmomo17's avatar
 It looks amazing!!!
Starartista87's avatar
Wicked Cool! JFX!!
Knight22179's avatar
Great work as always Jamie! ^_^
mrfuzzynutz's avatar
*sigh* Not even you can save her from this terrible outfit. However I do love how you rendered her abilities on the rocks, very cool. You could apply this to Sue Storm when her new suit rolls around
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Such a talented artist, Jamie! :)
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awesome palette choice
VampOrchid's avatar
Oh I love your design!
MirrorKhaos's avatar
really popping image
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I love your art and I'm glad she's back but I don't understand what the people at Marvel were thinking with this design......
Superfan44's avatar
I don't mind the design. Clearly it's meant to be a callback to her suit from the 90s.
Mentor6pclear's avatar
The more I think about it the mre I think that it's the colors that bother me rather than the design itself. The bright red against that pale, half washed shade blue really doesn't go well together. It looks unbalanced.
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The Colors are just Awesome!
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Queen of my heart :D
PrincessJade1310's avatar
Its so good seeing her back.
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Happy to have the true Jean Grey back.
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