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Hope - The Mutant Messiah

:iconbakanekonei: placed some beautiful color on hope! can you point out the 4 powers she is displaying?

lines/inks by me :iconwindriderx23:

colors by :iconbakanekonei:

hope © marvel comics
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gambit,rogue,cyclops and storm powers?????????? wow amazing
JamieFayX's avatar
Storm, Dazzler, Emma Frost and Cyclops. Thanks
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amazing work by both of you ;D
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Stipes00245's avatar
That is a great Hope! Go, Mutant Messiah!
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cykefan22's avatar
Awesome Hope Summers
erosoflove's avatar
I like it so much :D.... but i cann't see the emma's diamond form :/
in what form did you do it???
JamieFayX's avatar
her diamond form is starting up her legs.
erosoflove's avatar
oops, jeje, i can see it

thankyou, well job
AgentDusk13's avatar
Cyclops's blasts, Storm's lightning, Dazzler's whatever that is, and Emma Frost's diamond form
ReginaZelfiXD's avatar
very nice, hope seems like shell do alot of good...or maybe destroy them all [with a name like Hope you can go either way, do whats expected or be the utter irony]
TitansFighter01's avatar
Hmm, I figured Cyclops' Optic Blast, Havok's energy blasts and maybe Colossus (the shin guards) and something to do with Gambit. The energy diamonds. I guess I was way off in the latter part.
JamieFayX's avatar
cyclops' blast, storm's lightning, dazzler's light powers, emma's diamond form and a hint of the phoenix ;)
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