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Deanna Troi - Star Trek: The Next Generation

I was asked to be a guest at the Great Philadelphia Comicon again and they asked for artwork to help promote the con and the media guests who will be there. Marina Sirtis, everyone's favorite betazoid counselor and female gargoyle, will be in attendance this year and I jumped at the opportunity to draw Deanna. It will be used as a Con Exclusive Print! :)

Lines/Inks by me :iconjamiefayx:

Colors by :icondstpierre:

Deanna Troi/Star Trek © Paramount Studios/CBS Corporation
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Man, she looks good!
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Great stuff! 
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Have you ever seen the 1985 horror/sci-fi movie Lifeforce?  Guess who almost gave you a legitimate artistic reason to draw her in her birthday suit by way of getting the nod to play Space Girl? ;) (Wink)

I've seen another pic in your Deviantart profile where Marina is holding this very drawing and looking very pleased with it.  As good as it is, that's very understandable.  I'd be pleased, too. #1 
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yep that was my pic! i posted it! :)

no. i haven't seen the movie :(
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My favorite!! Deanna Troi!! I can see all of your work as an animated series. 
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I haven't watched The New Generation yet (I still watching TOI), but I'm already loving this fantart!
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thanks. give it a watch! it's my favorite Star Trek
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Nice job! I always preferred her in that outfit.
Stargazzer811's avatar
Same, she looked better in uniform then in her jumpsuit type thing.
JamieFayX's avatar
glad you approve :)
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I think Deanna was one of my favorites of the series so it is way Cool to see that and I must say it looks totally awesome!
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her, data and dr. crusher were my faves.
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Nice.  Love the colors and shading on her face (especially the nose and chin).
JamieFayX's avatar
me too! danielle is AWESOME!!!
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Awesome! Great collab by you both!
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A very lovely picture, and a great likeness! Even in the thumbnail I could tell who it was!
JamieFayX's avatar
glad you like it
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Very cute! I like the way she stands there with her arms crossed. That's so typical Troi!
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