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Got into a bit of a financial bind this month and thought I would start doing commissions again. I thought about GoFundMe, but I would for my case, it's better to do something for people if I can. Will post this to my DeviantART page too.

Commissions Open

Head Shot - $5.00
 Full Body - $10.00

Line Art
Head Shot - $15.00
Full Body - $25.00

Full Color
Head Shot - $50.00
Full Body - $100.00

My style is my style. I can make something a little more cartoony, but I don't tend to work in the  anime style.

All Artwork is digital.
(I will draw hard copies of sketch, line art or full B&W pencil drawing. Prices available upon request)

Backgrounds: Simple backgrounds are included in price. Basic backgrounds are an extra $10.00. Complex backgrounds are negotiable. Props like brooms, chairs, etc are also negotiable.
Extra character: All extra characters are half the original price of total. 

All images (excluding sketches) are 11 X 17 600 DPI
Sketches are 8 x 10 600 DPI

Paypal only: jamiecotc(@)gmail(dot)com
USD only.
Deviant art points not accepted. Sorry.

What I will draw: My own characters, an original character of yours, fan art (ask), and pets.
What I will not draw: Pornography, Excessive violence, anything discriminatory.

Contact info:


Prints of Full color art can be bought for $15.00 plus S&H.

Commission: (Sketch, Line Art or Full Color)
Character: (If it is fan art, please contact me first on DeviantART, Facebook or email)
Background: (what kind of background do you want? If complex background, please contact me)
Total Price:
Your PayPal e-mail: (I need to know who is sending me money . ;) )

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