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Hey Guys. Just got back from the doctor. Unfortunately, I only have surgery as an option to get feeling back n my hands. All other sources of therapy are not able to get me to any sort of feeling, since the nerves are completely unresponsive. So..that means, On May 8 I will be in surgery for the right wrist and hand. After 6 weeks or so they will do the left. Thank you so much for your support and patience. Many of you know how devastating this has been to me, and cannot promise anything now until this matter is finished. I also cannot type as much so I will be around. If you have my phone number, feel free to call. I have several projects almost done so there will be some stuff I post in the next week, mainly work for certain artists who I asked to work with and need to do so before this all goes down. Dreams of Geneva will not be affected and remember if you ever wish to join or check us out, we would love for you to stop by.Love to all my friends, facebook,and deviantart family.

Since I make the cards using primarily 4x6 (10x15) I am hoping remember to add the postcard option, otherwise I am kinda out of business. I understand why they are taking it away, but from the BOOKS I own of 4x6 images, I may have only been the one person buying that size. I hope this will increase your profits on this site and wish you all the very best. Because I was gone most of April, I wasn't able to add too much to my feature list, so it will be smaller than usual, with a few favorites thrown in. Just proves why everyday I stay inspired because I am surrounded by all of you. Have a great month!

Make a wish by Megan-Arts Deep Chains of a Dark Soul by LuLebel Power of Your Hair by Bojan1558 Sinful Beauty by MysticSerenity Soulstealer by ED-Creations Golden Eye by shiny-shadows-Art Selina-Of-The-Sea by EnchantedWhispersArt Treasure map by feanen-lazuli Miss peacock by dangerous-glow

Queen of fall by Vasylina Fire Guardian by Teodora-Chinde   If You're In It For Love (version 2 ) by Shedboy68 Golden bird by IgnisFatuusII<da:thumb id="436673424"/> Midnight Fantasy by VeilaKs Starfall by HarizmaArt Angel Reborn by CaoChiNhan Birth of Light by JosefinaCS

Waiting by EstherPuche-Art<da:thumb id="419165051"/><da:thumb id="445893443"/> In The Rose Thorn by SeventhFairy Art Deco by Sya Belle by escume Sakura Geisha by BrookeGillette La reina olvidada by Marazul45 An emerald shores. by IgnisFatuusII

La hechicera by CrisestepArt Hegemone by patriciabrennan She Dies by Amiltarea I'm with You by TitusBoy25 Soul Mate by sameelmk Golden Dragon by Helga-Helleborus Girl-On-Fire by EnchantedWhispersArt The Beauty by Kryseis-Art<da:thumb id="443621346"/> Golden Beauty by Birdsatalcatraz<da:thumb id="443816201"/>

Seeking by maiko2b Secrets of the Forest by LevanaTempest Queen Elsa with a little Dragon by feanen-lazuli Sister Of Mercy by Shedboy68 Celestial Warrior Liliel by Carlos-Quevedo Wind Of Loss by TrizTaess We can change the World! by TaniaART<da:thumb id="443717501"/> .SB01. by dasTOK Mystic Dawning Reflections by octane2

midnight by Avine Taken by kimsol Fifteen Stories by kimsol Unseelie by la-esmeralda Secret of the night by Ophelia-Overdose Lotus Lovelight by Ellyevans679 Moonlight by KellieArt Breaking Free by BloomingRoseXeniia Te sigo esperando by MariaJoseHidalgo Deep Blue by Saphica8 Under the spell by areemus

Her Kingdom by TL-Designz Give me my shoes back! by Megan-Arts Raven by KarinClaessonArt Dark keepers by DiosaEMR<da:thumb id="377304173"/> Evocation by CGSoufiane Rebirth by Lhianne The Treason In Trust by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me Splendor by MysticSerenity Queen Of Crows by gilly14

<da:thumb id="418790006"/> Provocation by vampirekingdom She calls the Crows by enmi<da:thumb id="287844502"/> Intermission Usher by JenaDellaGrottaglia Spoiled by enayla Butterfly Woman by AngeliaArt<da:thumb id="273506198"/> AngelA by Doucesse Ultraviolet by DarkVenusPersephonae

Mature Content

Oasis by artorifreedom

Chiropteras by debzdezigns-lamb68

Mature Content

Wolves for Breakfast. by KassandraLeigh
angel of the moon by jeylina harem by jeylina Fallen angel by jeylina You are my angel by Skategirl La derniere Dryade by clair0bscur Wilwarin by maiarcita Fire From Within by ImaginaryRosseArt Elastic Love by Antonio-Figueiredo Open the Fairy Door by Le-Regard-des-Elfes

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c'est bien fait .... :)
JenaDellaGrottaglia's avatar
my fabulous, lovely friend thank you so much!!
I am so sorry late response as you know it has been a minute or more that I have been here :love: :hug:
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Oh, sorry did not read all that you was describing above.
I hope your very speedy recovery and that everything went well!
Sorry, so far I have not been checking everything.
Heart I wish you everything best in health!2 soft hearts Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] 
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Fantastic creations in this collection! Many, thank you very much for including me, is an honor for me Nicol!! :iconttaasst:
dangerous-glow's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature!:huggle:
Ellyevans679's avatar
Fantastic feature thanks for including me here :hug:
:heart: Elle
Antonio-Figueiredo's avatar
wow, Thank U so much ♥ :hug:
artorifreedom's avatar
Thank you for the lovely feature :heart:
maiarcita's avatar
I hope the operation be a success and get back to work on these fantastic projects!! Love Tards

Thankss so much for including my work, I really appreciate your kind support!! :huggle::rose:
areemus's avatar
Thank you sooo much dear..very good collection :)
LuLebel's avatar
Thank you for the feature!:iconrabbit-loveplz:
VeilaKs's avatar
Thank you so much for including my work in your wonderful feature!
And good luck with your surgery. I hope everything will be OK with your hand Heart 
Megan-Arts's avatar
Thanks a lot sweetie! :heart:
EnchantedWhispersArt's avatar
thanks for the feature Jamie!
Le-Regard-des-Elfes's avatar
Thank you Jamie for the feature! :hug:
Jamie-Nicole's avatar
Very welcome dearie
Shedboy68's avatar
Jamie, what a gorgeous feature :clap: And thanx so much for the inclusion :heart:
Jamie-Nicole's avatar
Of course My Nicky. Hope you are well!
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Thank you so much for this lovely feature Jamie. so many lovely works.

I will keep you in my thoughts may 8 and I hope so much this will help you feel better in your hands.
Sending you much love and million hugs. :love:
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