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So--- HI~!

It's been five years and one month since I last posted.


Just a small note that I'm back on this account and will be doing a major purge of the crap art (everything.)

Other notes over the last five years--

I got engaged to an amazing person, wedding is a year away. Don't talk to my mother anymore, planning my debut at a convention (Likely KumoriCon...)

Still in school, damn government is bending me over, but thats ok-- you can make money as an artist without a degree too. :< lol.

Ok-- so not much else has changed unless you are actually in my real life. lol.

Okay, bad news thats really upsetting me today. My kitty, Furby, died today while I was at work. His internal organs were shutting down and mom put him to sleep while I worked at Mervyn's. Learned about it on my lunch break, fucking punched the phonebooth (not too smart I know, and my hand knows it too now.) Starting tomorrow I'm closing this account and opening my new one. Name is unknown at this time.

Ya know, the more I look at this account, the less I really want it. Not only did I get off to a rocky start, but its cluttered and I feel too lazy to clean it up. So instead, I'm thinking about opening a new fresh account in DA. This will likely be my last post, but when I get a new account, I'll let all my watchers know where I am and how to reach me ^^ I'm thinking about doing some prints too<3 Wish me luck guys~

" Major U.S. Operation Launched in Samarra
Friday, October 01, 2004

SAMARRA, Iraq — U.S. and Iraqi forces battled their way into the heart of this Sunni stronghold Friday and moved house to house in search of militants in what appeared to be the first major offensive to regain control of areas lost to insurgents before the January elections.

More than 100 guerrillas were killed and 37 captured, according to an Iraqi official. The military said one American soldier was killed and four were wounded.

Backed by warplanes and tanks, some 5,000 troops swept in to seize the city hall, the main mosque and other important sites in Samarra (search), leaving only pockets of resistance after more than 12 hours of combat, according to the U.S. military and Iraqi authorities..."

Quoted from a FoxNews Article.

Okay, you might wonder why I've put this up, but for those who have watched me since the start-- you might know. My brother is over in Iraq and has been for about nine months now. Hes also IN that Samarra Operation thats been going on now for under a day.

I found out this morning from my mom. I knew that they were doing some operation and that it might make the news, but I didn't know that it would be this big.

Naturally, as any other family member might be, I'm scared and anxious beyond belief. We've already had a few scares today where white cars have pulled into our driveway, stopped... and then turned back out. I think it was a the same car, but damn it-- worst time to get lost people. I'm just hoping that they never have to stop here. Its a fear that plagues me everyday when I know my brother is off the base on missions.

Mom explained to me what happens when the military comes to deliver the bad news, and here I was thinking that they just drove up, gave you the news, asked you to sign some paper saying that they can release the name to the media and then go on their merry way. Looks like I need to be keeping the house clean and have clean nice clothing to wear just in case. I guess they can stay up to, well... as long as it takes to get funeral arrangements and such. Days, weeks (highly doubtful), but still.

I wonder how they feel.. having to stay with those families as they mourn the lost loved one. Mm... hopefully I won't ever have the chance to ask that question.

I finished some art, and put it up. Yaaay~ *waves a little flag* I have more on the way to put up soon, but there is a problem.


... *Ahem* I swear, between FFXI and RO AND art, I'm lagging~ My poor little mind can't handle all the fun stuff to do~ I have WoE on my priestess, leveling my Elvaan to 20 so I can get a damn chocobo, and then I'm TRYING to learn Macromedia Flash.. haven't touched it yet though~ ^^;  

Anyway~ Look for more art soon. Again, I'm thinking about starting up commissions. I could use the practice, and to be quite honest, the money. I'll be paying my own way through a private art school. >_>; that means BIG monies are needed.  

I'll try and figure out prices and such soon if I find out people would like me to sell commissions.

Okay okay.. I've been a bugger. I keep telling you all to look for art and then it never comes right? lol.. Sorry. Work leaves me drained to the point where I just get home and crash-- only recently have I been able to find the energy to work on some art and my RO priestess. She just got into a new guild too. Sodalitas Wasa on Loki. :dance:

Gah.. ANYWHO, work ends in three days~!!! Then I'll take a few days and get all my art taken care of, ok guys?

Question though, I have a site for Ceruleus Searching (Which is ALMOST ready to go up!!!!) but maybe I should just put the series on here? In my scraps maybe? I've seen a bunch of people do that-- but who knows.

You guys, please get back to me on all this and lemme know. And tonight, I'll work on getting my BS picture up-- cause ya'know... hes really close to being done >_>;

Jami :heart:
Oh hey, wow. Retard... haven't done ajournal in a while. This ones kinda ranty and yes, whiny-- deal with it or leave.

I just got home from working the Fair. OMFG, a few times I just wanted to rip off my apron and just RUN for it ><... i'll lay it all down for you guys in chronological order:

5am-- Wake up after about five hours sleep.

Mood: Hopeful for the day, sore from first day of work.

6am- Take shower after watching news and eating Breakfast

Mood: Happy, looking forward to working the bigger crowds at the fair.

7-8:30am- Get bitched out by my mom for my kitty, Furby being sick, her not asking a few questions of me correctly--therefore getting the 'wrong' answer, and not being able to explain myself effectively when I'm too busy being slammed by verbal abuse.

Mood: "Fuck you, mom. I'm going to work where I can have fun."

11:30am- Half an hour into my day shift working games, a supervisor comes out and royally bitches me and my co-workers out for not getting enough people to come in. A)Its always low attendance on Opening Day. B) It was storming ALL friggen day, who the hell wants to be outside playing a game? C) These people have NO concept of product placement.. our game was placed across from 50 Dart game/skiball and across from a friggen dime toss... while OUR game was 2 and 5 dollar balls, one per payment. Which would YOU choose?

Mood- (Near Crying.) God, I just want to go home already. These guys, specifically THAT supervisor can fucking shove the darts up their tight asses.

12:45--ish pm: Supervisor comes back again after seeing no money on our side of the booth despite constant calling and playing of the game. His threat this time, "You guys really do suck at this don't you. Its STILL empty. If you guys don't get your asses in gear, I'm going to replace you guys with some competant workers." He then adds insult to injury by dropping the game price to 1 and 2 dollars with a simple remark. "You guys dont sell it now, you're out."

Mood- This time, I AM crying. Still trying to bring people, but near losing it completely. getting a LOT of odd stares from people and my co-worker "T" is trying to comfort me. I'm such a wuss at times..

6pm- Works over, the game sold like fucking free porn after that price drop. GEE, I wonder WHY.. >_>; I'm at home.. got mail from Jimmy :heart: My b-day gift finally came~ That right there gets me to smile. On top of the inside of the box is a picture of his kitty Mia. Stewie, my Blue-point Persian nips the corner. Maybe he doesn't like his future roomie? :heart: Then comes the fun part.. inside is a small white box, inside that is something that at first glance I thought was a ring box... nearly keeled over too. I peek inside to find a set of Peridot Earings~ and a sweet card handwritten by him. I break down again crying, but out of sheer happiness this time as I put the earings on. I'm going to wear them to work with me to keep me going through the day. :heart:

Mood- Still rough around the edges, but thanks to the gift coming and knowing someone loves me, it makes me happy and I can go on without bitching at anyone or chucking a few whiffle balls at peoples heads..

Going out for Burger King... comfort food. Then I'ma take a bath and get ready for tomorrow. Heres hoping its better... its a Saturday and people got paid today... *Scared*

Heeeeeey~!!! I'm 19 now!! Woohoo!! :D Erm... >_>;; yea! ^^; I rock~ *Waves a little flag* yay me~ I start work on Thursday too.. that means haircut tomorrow~ I'm thinking short and flippy. LIiike.. X-2 Yuna meets VIII Selphie! :D Meep~ Now for more art~

Okaaaaaay, I posted an oekaki today, WOO!! I'm not dead artwise. I finally settled for OC 1.1 You know.. the FREE one. 9-9;; its old... but it'll have to work. I just use it for lineart anyway.

Expect a lot of RO art, not anything new really-- just stuff from a year ago that I never finished and am reviving. I hope to have one up by Thursday at latest-- I'm gettin used to this computer still. And Maybe another by Sunday-- but its really detailed, so maybe a week max on it ^^

Anyway~ leave thoughts and whatnot~ And go see my oekaki!! Its like my third attempt at one [/bragging] X3

Okay, I'm posting on here. My good friend gave me a new computer a few weeks back and I've been busy getting all my stuff transfered onto it so I can get back to Ceruleus Searching work, BUT! My fave lineart program (Open Canvas) is being a bitch and won't let me save files. T_T It works FINE on the other computer and I used my same serial code that I did on the other computer. Blegh... either way, I'll work on that for the next few days... not to mention let my RO chars cool down, as I've been overworking them since I've been back. ^^; Its SOOO good to be back. I don't even mind the usual KS'ers and looters, not to mention all the "heal plz" crap. *pets her aco* Soon, lil Jamian, soon. X3

*Ahem* Anyway, I'm not dead, but I AM having problems with OC. Soo, gimme a few days and I should have new art up~ And hopefully it'll be of better quality, considering the new grpahics card I have rocks~

Wow, I'm happy~ I took care of over half my to-do list in 1/3 of the time I thought it would take~ Yay for sugar and inspiration. :giggle: Aaaaanyway, expect maybe two-three character designs for CS by Sunday/Monday night. Prolly Navia and Apricos. I'll also be writing up the first two or three issues for CS this upcoming week, but that won't be available until I get my host site up and whatnot. Soooo I'm aiming to have CS open for reading by my B-day, hopefully on it-- which is August 23rd, for those of you wondering. *Cough*Giftart? :heart: *Cough* XD heeeee...

Anyway, back to the press!!

Hi everyone,

I know I haven't been around much (posting anyway) since I hit 1k. I've been trying to get some things worked out and whatnot, but I think I'm finally on the right track.

I've had this idea for a series thats been pestering me for well over a year now. Maybe you've heard me talking about it or seen some of the art before-- Ceruleus Searching. I've been playing with ideas as early as November 2002. Pretty insane, but I recently came to the conclusion that my thoughts keep returning to CS for a reason. Maybe its just a way of telling me that this is something I should really do.

Heres the tricksy thing abouts it though-- since I've chosen webmanga format as it is the most accessable way for readers, I'll probably need to find someplace to put it and I'm seriously doubting DA is a decent place to hold it. I'll figure that out after I get the first few chapters lined up and whatnot. No need to rush. The idea has been here for over a year-- I doubt its going anywhere.

Anyway, my to-do list has some oldies and some newbies on it. Peek and enjoy. I'll have maybe 2-3 new arts up by this weekend.



To-Do List:

:iconstrawbarry-gurl: 's part of the art request. I changed a lot of my original idea for it. Hee.

• 1000 hit art.

• Ceruleus Searching Character Designs and concept art~ (Keep an eye open this weekend for a "Teaser" picture... If you can call it that. lol.)

PS: I'm thinking about offering commissions soon-- please give me any opinions you may have about me offering my artistic services. It'd really help my overall decision to offer art commissions or not.
Note: I found out who got the 1000th hit, so don't worry about it anymore~ :giggle: next one is at 1500!!!

Welll.. I just hit 1k! Thank you everyone, so very much for your support and everything. But I have no idea who got the 1000th hit yet sooooo, what now?  I'll wait until Wednesday for someone to come forward and then make it the 1111th hit for the art.

Well, things have been kinda hectic with my art shop lately, which is my excuse for the lack of updating. But I'm back on the ball now! Kinda.. It might be a little slow for the next two weeks, as my brother is home from Iraq on leave.

I'll post up my Gaia Online Avatar CGs and an Oekaki I've done.

Strawbarry, you're picture is well under way- sorry for the wait. And I'll have to think about that Kingdom Hearts RP, I didn't know it was 50 years AFTER KH... soooo my Gale might be a bit too old at that point, maybe I'll make a new char...

Oh yeah, I almost didn't notice- but my counter is at 930-something. Thanks for all the hits everyone, it really means a lot. I've only been here for a little more than a month and I already have the support of many of you. All I can really say is thanks and best of luck getting the 1000th hit. Remember to take a screenshot for me so that I can make the art for the right person~

Be expecting some changes soon in my art- such as taking old pieces out and putting in more complete pictures.. as soon as I figure out backgrounds. ^^;

Sorry I haven't updated much guys. I've been REALLY busy with art, trying to finish everything. This past week has been hectic and I'm feeling the result of all my hard work in the form of a killer daily headache.. Or atleast I think thats whats causing the headaches. It started about a week ago and only happens after I've been working on art for more than two hours. I'm not trying to whine or make excuses for my lack of posting- I've just been busy with other projects.

I might have to take it easy for a while, relaxing on certain projects I have planned on here- Like the art for for :iconhironaga: and :iconstrawbarry-gurl: . I really hope you two don't mind if I relax my pace a bit. ^^; I won't be of much use to anyone if I push myself to the point where I can't work on art at all..

I've opened a gaia avatar art shop too, which is part of my "stress." I think in place of my usual arts, I'll post my commissions up here for ya'll to look at until I can get some free time to work on art of my own imagination.

Just for those who are wondering what kinda schedule I keep for my day, I'll post a rough version of it:

• 10am: Wake up and take care of cats.
• 10:30am: Get on computer and check e-mail, gaia, DA for new messages.
• 11am: Sort out what art needs to be done or start new art for same-day completion.
(This is where it gets kinda sick...)
• Anywhere from 6pm-12am: Finish art started that morning and post it.
• 2-3am: Go to bed and get ready for another day.

Thats what I've put myself into for the last week. Add taking care of a grandmother with Alzheimer's and maybe you can understand why I'm getting headaches... but I'm not whining.

I woke up this morning to some good news for a change: my brother will most likely be coming home from Iraq on leave for the beginning of July. I'm excited! I haven't seen him for over a year, and hes been in Iraq for quite a few months already-- so my mom and I have been really stuck to the news and whatnot. But, she said that he'll be coming home for a week or two in the beginning of July~ Betcha'll thought they just stayed there for all those months without a break~ Well, my brother's infantry has been granted "break passes" to come home and see family. I hope he brings me a soda can or something!! hehehe..

Anywho, I'll post more on his visit later when I get more info-- but for now, my to do list~



• Finish :iconhironaga: 's 500th hit picture. (Its being a bi*ch, but it'll be worth it)

• Do a "snowflake" picture for :iconstrawbarry-gurl:

• Hexxy's H-Doijin (Downgraded to a long term project cause there is no way in hell I can just whip something like THAT up...)

• Misc. Stuffs yet to be announced.
*Shrug.* Title is a bit misleading.. but what the heck. I don't know why.. but I'm feeling very very angry today. I've been thinking about my ex-best friend and my ex-boyfriend, who both backstabbed me. Little bastards.. I'm not really mad about the backstabbing, its the fact that she has three of my fave games. Scared for my babies.. if she fucks with them, I'll get evil.. very evil.

Put up a new "sketch" today, just something I doodled out- a light emotional outburst I suppose. My to-do list is as follows

To Do:

:iconhironaga: 500th hit picture (Done up through hair. Clothing, background, effects left to do.)
• Baiken fanart for :iconyamitohikari: (Trying to get done tonight.)
• "Snowflake" art for :iconstrawbarry-gurl: (Haven't thought of anything yet.
• Ragnarok Online H Doujinshi for Hexxy. :drool: hehehe fun times!! :heart:
• Some more Gaia art, another request, and.. sketch out Aaby fanart idea.

Quick update and whatnot~

:iconponcy-rogue: put up a new tutorial today on her style of CGing. I nearly wet myself from glee. :drool: I'll be studying that for a day or two and trying it out on some of my art to see how it works with my style. Specifically the shading for whites, I love how crisp hers are... Anyway!!

I have another list of work piled up for me now~ yay! I'll get to work on it tonight and tomorrow.

Didn't get the job offer, so now I have more time for art. hell, maybe I'll try and sell my art if I can get some cash from it... I don't know, what'dya think guys?


To Do:

• 500th hit picture for Sissy. :iconhironaga:

• Making Baiken art for Yami.

• Art trade with Strawberry.

• Art Request for my friend Hexxy~. :heart: Don't know what to make yet. ^^;

• Effing start on the Aaby Gift art for Messa. *Bangs her head on the desk* I can't think of anything worthy of giving..
Things are picking back up again~! Yaaaaay! I got up two more pictures today. My first ID for this site and one of my to-do list pictures!! :w00t: I also figured out a name for my Gaia art "shop," so I can cross that off the list too. Tomorrow I will do the 500th hit picture for my sissy~ She wants Elli, her Mithra from FFXI. it'll be fun drawing a catgirl~ :boogie: Anyway heres the new to-do list~



• Do 500th hit picture for

• Umm.. o_o Practice more art..?