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Star wars Boba Fett

hi all. long time no see (one week haha)
the past week i haven't done speed painting because i was working on this pic. a little tribute to the star wars universe and boba fett, the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy.
I'm just a so fucking hardcore star wars fan and it was a pleasure to do this tribute.

done in a week during lunchs break at works so...maybe 12 or 13 hours.
i have used my boba fett toy as a reference.

hope you will like it.
just for fun, a fake comics cover here :

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Best bounty hunter EVER! Great job there.
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This is stunning :)
I really like the use of lighting in this one, the twin setting suns creating tiny reflections on the EE-3, the armour, the Z6.
Subtle detailing in all those dark tones as well really bring Fett to life.
Faved :)
Hi Jamga,
I'd like to have permission to use that awesome BountyHunter image for my guild recruiting drive in EA forums (Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes)?
Do you have other wonderful pieces like this that would look good for a guild community recruiting/guild merger campaign? Deep Core Sector community is an Indie server with mostly lightside/neutral guilds and players from padawan academy to hardcore ops.


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Its beautiful and kick butt at the same time :D
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thanks a lot
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Excellent work, especially with the colors. And nice job on that Tattooine sunset :clap:
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thanks a lot =)
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So fucking cool, so fucking amazing goddammit. I absolutely love this!!
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thanks for your enthousiasm =)
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Amazing, really... I was not sure if it was real or panting at first, but when i realised, I fell in love ! This deserve to be seen every time i open my pc ;)
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you are too kind =)
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my pleasure friend :)
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 "First the Sarlacc Pit, and now sand people! I hate this kriffing ball of sand!!"

 Probably smart not having the Sarlacc Pit in the background. It makes us assume that he's been walking all the way back to Jabba's palace, and some Tuskens tried to Raid the wrong person! Wonderful!
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sarlac pit is so overated :D
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All hail lord boba fett
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awesome, the force is strong with you
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