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Sith lord ep7 FAN ART

Just my little tribute to the teaser for the STAR WARS ep VII.
loooove the new sith...yes, even the lightsaber...a problem with that? I DONT CARE !!! :D

all I can do is guessing on what is under the hood (yeah I know, there is a mask, but the concept art was a leak, can we be sure at 100%
and :D)

You can follow my works on facebook for more updates :…
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Great job on Pre-Kylo Ren. :)
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Damn this guy is good!
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I think the new sword design looks pretty cool, and besides there's a ton of different kinds of lightsabers in that universe, it only makes sense for there to be one like this.. :V
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But lightsabers were meant to resemble samurai swords for the most part so it makes no sense when you think about it, the only lightsaber which was vastly different previously was Count Dooku's Lightsaber since it was bent.
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Weren't Asajj Ventress' lightsabers also bent? Not to mention Darth Maul had a double lightsaber.
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thanks a lot =)
yeah I think this lightsaber is cool too
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Shouldn't he like wear the mandalorian mask?
It's his trademark afterall.
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well have you read the picture description? :)
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Oh shit sorry the tablet I was using didn't render then description properly.
My bad.

On a side note do you think that the guy's really *THAT* dude, a character made to pay respects to *THAT* dude, or *THAT* dude being introduced to the new continuity due to being a fan favorite.
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That sword actually looks badass. :iconhatersgonnahate-plz:
you have any idea how stupid that light saber looks like?
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Shut up please.
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it's for aesthetics, calm ya ass
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Ugh, shuddap already you people...
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just tryin' to defend my drawing =)
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LOL, not you silly. I was speaking to roiking. I hit reply under his comment. Darn this internet...
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