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Dune tribute

a little tribute to Dune,
for a long time i wanted to do a tribute of the Dune univers. but this univers is so huge that i did not know where begun.
now it's done. =)
hope you like it.
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Is fantastic! a great book.

Would I be able to buy this print somewhere?

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Favorite of SciFi Novels. Excellent artwork.
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This looks way better than any of the screen adaptations. I specially love the kind of tuareg color scheme on your Fremen.
Hello Jamga-- I hope that you have sold lots of these by now. I am using it on my class blog. It is stupendous! I love Dune and Frank Herbert's stories. How did you make this picture? Was it all digital?
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no I did not sell any of those...I never sell print from my works
not yet.
well it is all digital. photoshop to be exact :)
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awesome! any notes on methods you intentionally used? I like the fremen for scale and the atmospheric perspective
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what do you mean by methods?
thanks anyway =)
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Holy.mother.of.the.gods. Uau! 
Super... l'univers est là !
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Nice picture!

I would like to ask if you let me use this picture in fan made expansion to Dune card game. If it is possibel, what artit name you prefer to use?…
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thanks a lot
and sorry for the late answer =)
Is this for sale anywhere, I'd love to buy a print
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sorry I don't have a shop :/
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the spice must flow
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haha thanks =)
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I always loved to see Dune in Lord of the Rings' grand scale.
This one friggen delivers!! I am a dummy! 
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