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The Lake of Souls

That is Rarity you see in this wallpaper. What is she doing in a grim place like this wearing that dark hood? That's up to you all to decide. I'm leaving this wallpaper's story completely open to your interpretations, which I'd love to hear in the comments if you want to share them. I want to hear stories from you all with this piece. :)

Credit to :iconthehellbean: for the Rarity Vector
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For some reason, makes me think of Pre-War Fallout: Equestria. Maybe beacuse (spoiler) how she used forbidden magic from the Black Book.
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In the dark of night it shall rise from the depths... LEVIATH WILL RISE! (inb4stevenmagnetissummonedastheleviathanbyrarity)
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This is pure amazement in a nutshell.

I have to say that this is a sequal to the other one with the tombstone, I forgot what it was called. Maybe this is Rarity tryin to bring back Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie or, someone else.
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Thanks a million! :D

and...I really like that story idea :D and yeah, the one you're talking about is "The Cruelness of Mortality": [link]
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Oh right! I remember know.
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0_0 !?!?! Rarity!!?? I honestly thought that was Zecora when I first saw that!!!!!!
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This is beautiful *-* I'm just blown away by how amazing this is!!!
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