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The Fury of a Princess

Another Purple Smart! :iconslowpokeplz: The season 4 finale was great!
But seriously, I saw it at the same time it aired, just never got around to "doing a thing" at the time. Now I did a thing. Happy? :P 
Pretty basic this time, nothing I haven't done before. I'm spending most of my time trying to improve my skills with lighting, and I think I am getting much better with it recently. 

Credit goes to :iconkysss90: for the Twilight vector! Vector Princess Twilight Sparkle furious by KyssS90

Check out his gallery for more sweet vectors! 
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I noticed that in your description that you mentioned that you have been working on lighting. On that note, I love the way that you used the light from Twili's horn and her eyes to illuminate her face and parts of her wings. I also love the texture that you used on the purple clouds/mist. Not to mention that texture of the lighting around Twili's horn. The stars in the background are also realistic looking. The one thing that I think you can work on in your next piece is making the rock look more realistic. Right now it looks quite dull although it has texture. Some part of the rock is going to have at least a little light on it. Otherwise I really like this piece of yours, because it is very original. Keep up the good work!
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Pretty epic! I really like the lighting!
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Welp, it's a good thing she's on the good side! Nicely done! This looks like she's standing on the world's highest cliff, on the edge of outer space. (Readying herself to annihilate whatever ticked her off?) Amazing as usual, good sir~!
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Hehe, Thanks! ^^
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She looks ticked off
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Wow! :) Totally awesome and she's ready to fend off any evil for Equestria's sake.
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Your wallpapers are sooooo good!
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lmao one of these and ur getting #rekt missy
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Princess Twilight, remind me never to piss you off. Shocked nod 
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all I can say is- utterly fantastic!
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