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The Crusaders

The CMC all grown up. I saw these vectors made by :iconkraysee: a while back and wanted to make a wallpaper for them. Finally got around to it.

At first I was just going to put them on another mountain, but it just didn't work for the effect that I wanted, so I settled for something more simplistic. I wanted to give this wallpaper a warm-toned theme, and I'm pretty pleased with the results, even though it's really not much ^_^"
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They Grow Up So Fast! :cries:

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This is really good. Like, REALLY GOOD.

I'm curious to know where you got the idea for the cutie marks from? Applebloom's and Scootaloo's are quite good, but Sweetie Belle's is a little... off to me. Also, all the cutie marks need to be (no pun intended) about 20% bigger on the flanks.

Scoot's eyes also looks a little bit derpy as well, the left eye seems out of place.

I'd also like to mention that Applebloom's hairstyle is fantastic, good enough for cannon by far, but Sweetie Belle looks WAY too much like her sister, again it's something I can't 100% put my finger on but it's still a great envisioning.

Overall, it's pretty fantastic.
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The Cutie Mark Crusader Conclusion
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This just beautiful, you did a very nice job on this. I also extend my appreciation to the creator of the vectors
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What is going on? o___o I just watched this episode: [link] and in 8:33 one of the background ponies is looking so much like the adult-Applebloom in this picture. Is it just me or what do you say?
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This might be a little bit what they might look like in future.
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[link] Used it for my remaster of the old one ;) thanks for making awesome art again man as always
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Awesome as always! :D
I never thought to see any of the CMCs cuter than Applebloom wearing that bunny suit, but this... Sweet Celestia!
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... I can't get over how amazing this is. ;w;
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I think we a winner for adult SB's hair. AB's is great but not sure. Scoot is fine. Cuteness all.
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This is an excellent pic man! Awesome job!
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I never thought I would be putting the CMC on my background, but this is just awesome! I love the grown up look of them all!
Me encanta! sobre todo Sweetie belle, es incluso mas linda que Rarity :)
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que? me speako englesio XD
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Wow! They're adorable, and look great! =D
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This is awesome!
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Well, it seems the Crusaders have wrenched wallpaper duty from Best Pony Vinyl Scratch for now.

Applebloom is best CMC.
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I disagree Sweetie Belle is CMC.
As much as it pains me to say this. Sweetie Belle just might look a little more fabulous than...than...Rarity. UGH Yep I just died a little bit inside. Amazing work!
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This is ****ing awesome. I love the background you put to the Vector and the way they look is just crazy cool
You get my internets.
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