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Shining Armor

After giving my personal photoshop brush set an upgrade (Added 5+ cloud brushes), I decided to take it out for a test run. So, I made this :D
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100% Awesomeness
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twilights brother? lol looks more vinyl's brother

nice work :D do you happen to do requests?
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Send me a note if you wanna see something specific ;)
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can you do stuff like ice or blizzard and such?
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I haven't done it a while, but I could do something in an ice/blizzard/cold style with a combination of my 3DS Max work combined with Photoshop. Why do you ask?
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im not good enough lol :D it would look "cool" as a background for my OC, well im just experimenting with effects, i have yet to come up with ice/blizzard style
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Where is he from? >3>
I know they are making a toy of him, but I don't know anything else abou him :P
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He's Twilight Sparkle's brother, and he is going to be in the season 2 finale episode :D
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SERIOUSLY!?!???!!!! 0.0 that's amazing! x3
I can't wait!!!! I hope it'll have an epic song like "At the Gala" :D
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Wow. Looks mighty fine sir.
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