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Revenge of Deception

I'm leaving the story behind this one in your hands. ;)

Credit to :iconmasemj: for the awesome Vector of Twilight and Crysalis. Check out his gallery for more awesome vectors.
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Here's a backstory for this picture.

Twilight is obviously pissed off at what Chrysalis did to try and ruin her brother's life, so she set our on a quest to fight Chrysalis and destroy her. Right when Twilight got to the palace of the evil Chrysalis, her swarm captured Twilight, and took her to the main throne room in chains. When they dropped her on the floor and left her, Chrysalis entered the room.

"Sso, you're the lasst one. Doessn't ssurprisse me at all. You're stronger than the resst of your pathetic little friends." said Chrysalis with fervor.

Twilight said nothing in return. She just looked up and around the throne room, seeing her beloved friend's spiritless bodies hanging in limbo all around her. Her view stopped at the lifeless form of Celestia, her body hanging directly above the deformed throne of Chrysalis, wings spread, her eyes open and coated in darkness. Twilight finally broke down and cried at the sight of Celestia, the only pony she considered even close a mother, hanging there like a trophy of war.

Alphonus journeyed along with Twilight, hanging back so he wouldn't be seen yet. He wanted to keep an eye on Twilight just in case she ever needed any backup. He had fought in the last battles for Canterlot. Near the end of the battle, Twilight had been separated from Alphonus, and had seen him still fighting. Twilight escaped the last moments of the battle and the sweeps for the spiritless bodies of the others. In the calm of the aftermath, she looked for Alphonus, only finding a dented and bent out of shape leg casting. It was Alphonus's foreleg armor casting. Alphonus had been taken away, but he fought off his captors and returned to Canterlot to find that Twilight wasn't there. In Celestia's throne room he got his casting back, he put it on his leg, and it magically returned to its original shape. He then used his Dragon Vision to see where Twilight went. He discovered her tracks, and followed her to Chrysalis's palace. He witnessed her get taken inside, and went in himself.

"NOOO!!!" Twilight screamed, tears of loss, fear, and sadness coming to her eyes. "I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!"

Chrysalis just chuckled and said in a curt tone, "And how do you expect to do that young pony? You musst not know who you're up againsst. I'm more than a match for you."

Alphonus was painfully watching this confrontation from his vantage point high in the rafters of the throne room. He wished he could help, but his instincts told him to wait, and only intervene if Twilight should happen to falter.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO MY FRIENDS!!!" Twilight yelled, struggling at her bonds all the while.

"What hope do you have?" Chrysalis retorted with zeal, "You don't have anyone to save you now. No one to call upon to provide you with even a sslight chance of defeating me and my forcess. YOU'RE ALL ALONE!!!" Chrysalis then cackled with the ferocity and fervor of an insane creature.

Twilight couldn't stand it any longer. She closed her eyes, then snapped them open. They were glowing a fierce white, Twilight screamed with an animalistic roar that sounded throughout the palace. Her strength increased a hundredfold, she broke her chains, and rushed Chrysalis, in a fit of rage that can only be measured by the cosmos themselves. Chrysalis returned the roar, and her eyes and horn glowed a sickly green. Their horns clashed like magic lightsabers. "I!! WILL!! KILL!! YOU!!!!!!" Twilight screamed in her animalistic voice.

How's that for an awesome story? And that Alphonus character I kept mentioning, he's my OC, and I like to personify myself as him. I sure do hope you like this story, because it's the best thing I've ever done. This picture is also epic, it shows a certain rage that Twilight has toward Chrysalis. I really like it.
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Now i know why the changlings  have holes in them. Twilight pokes them out!
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Chrysalis: Your friends shall become food for the swarm. It’s sad to say that, for previously ratting out our attempt to make a quick meal out of Canterlot, you won’t be getting that kind of luxury.

Twilight: You won’t do a thing, monster! You’ve tried to get to me through the people I love! And now you’re going to pay the price for it!

Chrysalis: Brave last words, Student of Celestia. A Changeling with your kind of intellect should prove quite useful for the hive!

Twilight: Enough talk! En garde!
My money's on twilight, sure would be a a nice fight to see.
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i love that issue
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The houses in the Changeling Monarchy looked like Chryssy's horns.
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Hehe yep. I went for a design that mirrored the changlings themselves. ^^
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oh my god this is priceless
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I love the viciousness!!
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Thanks for letting me know. If you could also report it as well, that would be great.
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I am, seems she taken the work down but she has other stolen work, if you know of the other artists she stolen from please tell Maoiza as she having trouble finding a few originals she know is on DA
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Will do. I also made a journal on it notifying all 1,500~ ish watchers I got. Hopefully it'll make a difference. ^^;
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Great ty! hopefully the user will stop and take all the work down, surprised noone told you sooner cause someone linked to yours on hers before she hide the comment
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She thinks by hiding it, she's safe. 

She's wrong, as she will soon learn the hard way.

And you've earned both my respect, and my watching eyes ;) Thank you again.
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Yes, hiding comments wont make her innocent and admins can read them. If we find anymore thieves we will alert you and the real artists right away!
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Hehe thanks, now you know why I put my signature on all my wallpapers ^^; Unfortunately, I'm probably gonna be making them more visible in my future pieces because of this stuff.
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WOW all i gotta say is Wow this is amzing
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only the comics can make twilight and chrysalis look like the are about to murder each other
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The story is simple enough
Comic No. 4
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I wish I had a program like this. What's it called, Vector?
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Looks like her teeth would do more damage faster than her horn powers...
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