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Queen Chrysalis

So I got time this morning to do a Queen Chrysalis wallpaper.

Wow, I love how this one turned out. I'm probably going to make more of her in the future, but for now, enjoy this one :D

Credit to BlackM3sh for the awesome Queen Chrysalis vector used:
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Wow! This is very well done :D I especially love the way she appears as if to be engulfed by a green mist X3
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Oh wow! This is absolutely brilliant! Hey! Do you mind if I used this as the cover art for a song parody I'm doing? I'm doing a parody version of 'The One' theme from the COD: Black Ops Nazi Zombies minigame, and I would love to use your picture here as a cover artwork in my video. I'll promise to put up a link on my channel so viewers can come here to check out your work! And of course credit for the artwork will be given to you in addition to the mention.


So, what do you say? Is it okay? (hey that rhymed!)

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Sure that's fine!
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Link to the sample version of the song so far.

Thanks again for the picture, mate! I'll watch your channel in a while!…

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Sweet Celestia and Luna and Jesus Christ! Thank you so mate, dude! Thank you! Oh man, this is gonna be AWESOME! When the song is done, i'll send you a link! Once again, THANKS!
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This is awesome! :D just made it my new desktop :3
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1. Do a DA search for "chrysalis wallpaper"
2. Look at million results
3. Find awesome ones like this
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oh, i like this, it's awesome :D
oh my gosh! it's wonderful!
sss158's avatar
that rejected pony orphan agin? so pathitic no wonder why she feeds of love, because she wants 2 feel loved
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This is now my computer wallpaper. She has become one of my favorite characters in the series....actually I think she IS my favorite!
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That's it, Chrysalis is my new favorite pony. I really didn't want this to happen, but it's too late now.
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i know what my desktop is gonna look like
HALOPONY3's avatar
nice job she was
a good villein but
not a good as discord.
ItsTigzz's avatar
Love the green smoke, fits really well with her, awesome job as usual :D
Jamey4's avatar
Thanks! :D I decided to make the color of the smoke match the exact same color as her eyes, and I'm quite pleased with the results ^_^"
ItsTigzz's avatar
Yeah, her eyes are so menacing, and green goes good with just about any picture with her in it XD, Turned out really nice
wildeye99's avatar
Can I use it as my wallpaper?
Jamey4's avatar
By all means! :D It's why I make these! ^_^
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Man... Awesome wallpaper! It has a very "darkie" feel.
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