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Princess Wildfire - Goddess of Equestria

I finally got around to doing a wallpaper for the Alicorn version of Wildfire; :iconsibsy: 's OC

Credit to :iconambassad0r: for making the awesome Alicorn vector of Wildfire
Credit to :iconqsteel: for the Canterlot vector
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Wild Fire
Wildfire, the Morning Fire
Lesser deity
Alignment: CN
Domains: Fire, Air, Chaos
Portfolio: Hobbies, amateurs, enjoyment

Wild Fire is not a deity with many followers, but one who is worshipped often. Her focus is on that which you do for fun - not practising for a living, not to survive, but just because you enjoy it. The term "Amateur" is often misused, but Wild Fire is the true meaning: Someone who loves what they do, whatever that might be.

(from my Pony Pantheon, at [link]. Someone suggested I do Wildfire.)
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Looks great! Love the detail! :thumbsup:
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More like sister to Lauren Faust! Still Awesome! I LOVE IT!
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so lovely!
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:D Thanks so much Sibsy! I'm so pleased you like it! ^_^
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I have to admit, I love the colours in this, it works really well together
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this is pretty damn good the only thing i would have to say is maybe round the horn a little other than that this is amasing well done
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He didnt make the vector of Wildfire, so there's not much he can do to change it xD
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Gotta Admit! That's pretty impressive!!
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