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Princess Rainbow Dash

Special Thanks to Nianara for making these Alicorn vector. Without them, these pictures would not be possible. :)

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i love ethis i am so happy it was here. i just sat down in my graphic design class and here it was. thank you who ever sat here before me. this is awsome
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Oh wow, thanks ^^
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What do you use to make these cool stuff ?? :squee:
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Photoshop CS5.1 and 3DS Max 2013 :)
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I believe 5000% cooler than before. :)
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YESS!!! We're all becoming 20% cooler!!:squee:
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Equestria is about to get 20% cooler
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You like MLP and you have my name...
*does not compute*
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O_O Wow, in one day, this photo is now my most favorited and most commented. Maybe I should do MOAR Princess Rainbow Dash photos??? :)
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[link] Here's a new one :D There may or may not be more to come... ;)
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the greatest thing since sliced bread!
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Ruling them all with an iron hoof!
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She seems like a stallion, the mouth definitely
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