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Princess Luna

I did this piece a while ago, just hadn't uploaded it yet. :P It's so simple compared to my latest work, but whatever.
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Wow she is so beautiful ^^ I like princess Luna :squee:
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Truly is muy Good Wow love Princess Luna Nod Nod 
Awesome piece, was wondering if you had a version without the text?
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"My wings are so pretty!"
"I'm a princess! Are you a princess too?"
"Let's fly to the castle!"

Yeah... So true... I just know my big sister was talking about me!
I am the best princess, ever!


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Way too awesome too be true!
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Luna is best pony ... EVER!
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it looks so hard to do and complicated..... i LOVE IT!!!!!!!
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Actually, to be perfectly honest, this is the easiest out of all the Luna wallpapers I've done. Personally speaking, I don't think this is my best work when it comes to Luna wallpapers. I think Night of the Full Moon is my best work with Luna in my opinion :P [link]

I'm so glad you like this one too though! ^_^
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yeah i saw that and it kicked so much ass man!!!!!
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Thanks so much :D I'm actually surprised at how popular the Luna wallpapers are getting. As of right now, this wallpaper is my 3rd most favorited, while the 4th most favorited is Night Of The Full Moon. Maybe I should make even more Luna wallpapers...
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I aim to please :3
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Molestia would be proud XDXDXD lol jk jk but good luck man!!
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i am litearly rendered speechless at him awesome this is
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I'll take it. One art please
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