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Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie background I did a while ago. Not much, but I like how the lighting on Pinkie came out. :)
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Sure! If you use it for a video or something on youtube, just give credit with a link if you can ^^
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Wow... this is amazing! XD

Um... what program did you use to make this fine piece? XD

(Also, about that video; it's gonna take a while to post up on YouTube, mostly because I have yet to start.... so, yeah... =3)
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Photoshop CS6 :)
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Thank you! =3

(Man, that is expensive though... I plan to get Autodesk Pro with a Dell Venue 7 tablet.... how do you think that'd work? o.o)

Also, check your comments on… and….

I would like to use them for a video I'm making. =3
I just need your approval. XD
(Among other artists..... >_>)
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Yes that's fine with me. Just be sure to give credit please!
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Don't worry! I will. =3
Thankies! XD
I'll let you see it when I'm finished! XD
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Well... o_o
Um... I'm late on this...
So, uh... I'm gonna have to give you THREE videos I made...
So... yeah... =3……

Okay, enjoy! =3
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i love you soooooooooo much pinkie you are my fav out of the mane 6
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what font did you use??
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Wow this is awesome.Would it be okay for me to use a slightly edited version of this picture for a fanfiction cover art?
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As long as you credit me, it's fine :)
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Nice! Letters are interesting. My bro, who loves Pinkie very much, should put it on his desktop.
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Her expression seems more... Manic... than usual...
I like it.
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So intense 0u0...I Love it
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FINALLY! A background that shows just how brilliant Pinkie Pie is! :D
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Oh my - aboslutely love this! (The P looks a little like a B, but it doesn't bother me)
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