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On the Edge of Time



Oh Hai! Been busy lately. Had an hour free, so I threw this together. It's not much, pretty basic, but I figured you all might like it anyways.

As I may have mentioned earlier, Wallpaper Production is going to be extremely slow for the new few months; Just giving you a heads up.

Credit to :iconkelmar2593: for the Derpy/Doctor Vector
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I like it, however it's not really that much of an impact on me. You see in most night time art when you have something you want to be emotional you add more feeling with a more developed background.

The only thing I can make out is stars and the mist, could of added a crescent moon as well as a shooting star with some form of image resembling the couple you have in the art.

I also feel you might have used too much of the mist around the two, there's not enough light that seems to appear on them which could of been constructed with the moons light on them, that could of caused a bigger impact to the viewer.

Sometimes even a quote is OK to add in the corners, it would help the viewer understand feel just a little more cheerful or even sad about the event taking place.