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A Night of Stargazing

My two favorites together :) As I usually do; I'm leaving the story behind this specific piece open to your interpretations. ;)

Credit to :iconarcticjuniper: for the Fluttershy vector
Credit to :iconquanno3: for the Octavia vector
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This is by far the best ever MLP FIM shipping yet! I've never thought of Octavia and Fluttershy before! You, My friend, are VERY talented at MLP art. the best I've seen so far. you should be able to be an artist for My little pony. It's so far off the chain you can't even see it anymore. Where is it? KI don't know, you tell me...THAT'S how good that is. I think spicy Italian sausage is good, I think World piece is good, but YOU, my friend are SUPER DUPER TROOPER AMAZING!!!! the best art i ever seen. bye
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Never thought of them together, but it's cute all the same!
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Oh wow :D I love this. "My two favorites together" <-- pretty much same here bro
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I like how you edited this.
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This is just
I love both of these ponies. They're the best! :aww:
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After the Octavia/Rarity duet number, Fluttershy seems, enraptured by this new pony.

After many scenes of Fluttershy trying to get on Octavia's good side, Octavia takes the lead and invites her to Princess's Luna Annual Starshower event.

Will love bloom between these ponies? Only the shipping community knows :iconcuteplztwilightplz:

(What? Thought I was gonna use another Discord Troll Face? Only when Season 3's villain grows the rest of his body!)
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...I really like that story behind this piece :D
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wow, this is beautiful :icongrin--plz: I love the stars, and the pink around them. they do sort of seem like they would be friends.
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