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Ready for Questioning

Random image I was tinkering with.
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I'm your fan for years

"I hope you're not uncomfortable, my dear." Agent 69 heard Doctor Ilsa's deceptively sweet sounding voice. "We use only the highest quality materials to put pretty enemy agents in bondage, and I oversee their construction myself. How do you like your crotch strap? I hope it doesn't hurt your pretty little pussy lips."
"Do you feel a humming sensation in your backside, my lovely? I personally inserted a nice long thin probe into your anus. Because you have such beautiful round buttocks, I lubed it up first." Agent 69 jerked in her bonds. "And one more thing, darling. I almost forgot to tell you that it delivers mild electric shocks at random intervals, or whenever I feel like delivering them. Now sweetie, I want to to try and think about what you're going to tell me tomorrow when I ask you some questions. Goodnight; we'll talk in the morning." Doctor Ilsa brushed back Tabitha's hair, kissed her forehead. "Such a pretty little captive..."
"Good morning, darling. I trust you slept well." Doctor Ilsa Bauer's grandfather had been a Nazi, but he had escaped justice, moved to America after the war, and became a citizen. Although his beliefs had never changed, he kept them a secret. When he died, his wife and daughter only then found about his secret. Fascinated by her father's dark secret, his daughter to adopted a secret life, joining several white supremacist groups. When she learned that her husband had had a Jewish grandmother, it was arranged for him to have an unfortunate accident. Ilsa Bauer's birth name was Alicia, but her fellow members of the Get Of Fenris called her Ilsa. The Neo-Nazi organization worked tirelessly, through means both scientific and magical, to find a means to bring the Fenris Wolf to Midgard, to destroy all that was.Only the group of heroes called the Ultra League, and a few government agencies around the world stood against the threat. Tabitha Reno, a low ranking NSA agent, had been seized, and brought to Doctor Ilsa for questioning.
Tabitha's gag and eye mask were  removed, and Doctor Ilsa sat down in front of her in a folding metal chair. "Such a lovely face, but I fear it may not remain lovely for long. I gave you all night to think about what you would tell me. Is there any information you wish to volunteer, to spare yourself further pain?" Tabitha's back hurt from the bondage chair, and her insides from the electric shocks to her bowels. "Please, I'm just a one tells me anything...Doctor Ilsa's riding crop stung her right nipple, and she cried out in pain. "Whose secretary? Who is your supervisor?" A second blow lashed her left nipple. "Mister Bond..please believe me.." The doctor lashed both of her nipples in rapid succession. "And I suppose his boss is M?" Tabitha screamed as a stronger jolt of electricity ripped through her lower body. "I didn't bother to tell you last night, the shocking vibrator has higher settings."
 "Now, my lovely, would you like to give up some information? One way or another, I'm going to find out all your secrets." Tabitha's nipples were still sore from the whipping, but Doctor Ilsa twisted them hard. "Please..can I just go home? I want to be with my children!" Doctor Ilsa slapped her. "A false plea for sympathy now, I see!" Doctor Ilsa held out her hand and the thug near her passed her a propane torch. Tabitha's blue eyes went wide with fear. "Child, this instrument has many uses. it can heat the metal chair you are sitting on, scorching your tender genitalia and your lovely round buttocks, or the soles of your feet. Perhaps I will scorch your lovely face, or burn your breasts off. Doctor Ilsa held th flame close to Tabitha's face, making her piss herself with terror.
There was a sudden rush of air, and the torch vanished from Doctor Ilsa's hand. "Thanks, White Lightning. You can go help Vidar if you want." The super speedster took off, leaving only a faint crackle of electricity in the air. Laura O'Bryan, aka Anime Lass, stood alone before Doctor Ilsa and the thug. The purple haired young woman wore a tight fitting blue jumpsuit, and had a strange smile on her face. "Time for some payback, you Nazi bitch." A year earlier, Laura had been held captive and tortured by Doctor Ilsa. Magic had freed the Doctor from prison. "You foolish little girl! You're all alone, without your mech to fight for you! Both my assistant and I have Black Belts!" Laura smiled again. "I've made a few changes since then. I've watched hundreds of boxing matches, MMA matches, and full contact karate fights. I digitized the information, and uploaded it into my virtual reality suit. I can do anything that they can do now. Which bone do you want broken first?"
 Doctor Ilsa and her assistant were both on the floor in less than a minute, with multiple fractures. A small laser cutting device freed Tabitha, and Laura helped her out the door, as shadows appeared in the room from nowhere. "Whatever you do, don't look back," Laura told Tabitha as they hurried down the hall. Nightgaunt had arrived, amid screams of terror.
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Awesome art!!! Breathtaking erotica!!!
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Great lighting 
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I love the lighting and mood!
This is a great picture, and the detail is fantastic!
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This is excellent work! As a fellow DAZ user I can appreciate this.
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Oh my, questioned while totally restrained nude....deeply erotic.  
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It will be hard to question her when she is gagged haha :D Great 3D art.

BTW Will there be a Virtual Perversion 4? It started off really interesting and I want to know what happens!
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Love the straps!
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Love the pose and bindings (love your work).  I wonder what the questions are in regards to. :lol:
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It's so incredibly detailed!
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