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No Joke

After what she did, she'll be going away for a VERY long time.

Did one picture originally, then decided I wanted to have a mask-less version as well, so that's why they're slightly different.
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YardleyFootman's avatar
Once the hood gets locked on, any pretense that it's a game is over.
DAGABZ's avatar
:D (Big Grin) keep on that small talk, like it!
Ahh, a bound, gagged, collared, and hooded latex slave.
That's the life for me.
MinaSubmissive's avatar
OMG!!! this is almost identical to my SL avi:MD RubberMitts, ER Fetish Hood, KaS as hell.

Even sexier if it was  me in real life!
phantomdotexe's avatar
With a suit like that, why do you have to store her away? She looks like could be very utilitarian around the manor. ;) 
shawnavinyltv's avatar
Love it! Very hot stuff! I would love to be bound like that.
glorialatex's avatar
I want to be the one with the hood with my name on it Slave balelt boots locked to her feet and lcoekd in lagex rubber 24/7
LilithRealm's avatar
I love the one with the hood!!
alexbloopool's avatar
glorialatex's avatar
I would so love to be her, but her friends disguied me as her and swapped us over so that I was forced to endure her punishemtn instread of her kept hodded gagged and the bondage mittens locked on my hands the ballet boots on me and with the hood locked on I was totally trapped to be punished in her place for her crime.
Wish I was like that love
uksmile's avatar
I love the severity of the hood :-)
Love it should stay that way for life
CasiyeDaor's avatar
Fantastic shots. I wish more Masters in SL were into latex or rubber doll look not to mention bondage lol Seems the Ladies are the ones with all the style and passion in those areas nowadays. Awesome work, thanks for sharing.
midorifabre's avatar
Oh! Very nice *smiles*!
Jakob1lopkesk's avatar
oh this could be fun to try out
LOVE the image, but I've got to wonder - why the title "No Joke"?
JameWycliffe's avatar
In my head I was thinking "Okay, so, I want this to be a really harsh punishment, complete bondage and as much isolation as I can think of right this moment. This punishment won't be something to joke about."

Obviously it makes no sense to anyone but me unless I explain it. But whatever.
LXXT's avatar
very good work! i like more! ;-)
Superb...just like it should be ! ;-)
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