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Supergirl by SaulJinzler Supergirl :iconsauljinzler:SaulJinzler 45 3 Black Canary (Injustice 2) by MsLiang Black Canary (Injustice 2) :iconmsliang:MsLiang 9 0 Macro (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho Macro (Earth-27) commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 140 16 Supergirl By JeanArt by JoeManginiPSN
Mature content
Supergirl By JeanArt :iconjoemanginipsn:JoeManginiPSN 11 4
Kamen Rider Evol - Black Hole Form (Phase 4) by Zyuoh-Eagle Kamen Rider Evol - Black Hole Form (Phase 4) :iconzyuoh-eagle:Zyuoh-Eagle 21 5 Build Partner Battle by OtakuDude83 Build Partner Battle :iconotakudude83:OtakuDude83 9 6 BARONESSA by elberty-oliviera BARONESSA :iconelberty-oliviera:elberty-oliviera 60 0 Lady Death by elberty-oliviera Lady Death :iconelberty-oliviera:elberty-oliviera 51 2 X-23 by diabolumberto X-23 :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 425 7 Psylocke by diabolumberto Psylocke :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 462 9 X-23 by diabolumberto X-23 :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 552 12 Shadow of the Tomb Raider by diabolumberto Shadow of the Tomb Raider :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 319 7 Supergirl by diabolumberto
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Supergirl :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 636 19
Red Sonja by diabolumberto Red Sonja :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 497 16 Vampirella by diabolumberto Vampirella :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 380 13 Lara Croft by diabolumberto
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Lara Croft :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 429 18

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Amanda Reed by JamesZilla2k11 Amanda Reed :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 2 0 Sarah Lane (OC idea #2) by JamesZilla2k11 Sarah Lane (OC idea #2) :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 1 2 Sarah Lane (OC idea #1) by JamesZilla2k11 Sarah Lane (OC idea #1) :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 2 2 Scion by JamesZilla2k11 Scion :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 0 0 LadyGwen by JamesZilla2k11 LadyGwen :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 8 3 X-Girl Angela by JamesZilla2k11 X-Girl Angela :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 2 0 JPEG_1418369735686_833453267 by JamesZilla2k11 JPEG_1418369735686_833453267 :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 2 0 Black Orchid's Classic Costume for KI 2013 by JamesZilla2k11 Black Orchid's Classic Costume for KI 2013 :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 3 1 James5ty6 by JamesZilla2k11 James5ty6 :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 0 0 Mustang red and black by JamesZilla2k11 Mustang red and black :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 1 0 Victory by JamesZilla2k11 Victory :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 1 2
The backstory of Sarah Lane, the Scarlet Samurai
As a young girl, Sarah Lane has been a fan of the heroine known as Crimson Valkyrie. Sarah has a poster of Crimson hanging above her desk in her lavish bedroom. Sarah is a student of the University of Boston and is looking to major in Japanese culture and history. Sarah was sitting in her bedroom and then she decided to go vist the Museum of Natural History , it just so happened that there was going to be exhibition of old Japanese artifacts, the head of her Japanese history class Professor Koji Kojima, was the curator of the exhibit. "Professor Kojima!" Sarah yelled and waived. The short, lanky man saw Sarah and smiled. "Ah! There's my star student" Koji said with a grin. "Professor, your going me blush. I've got to say, you musf be happy that this amount of people are interested in ancient Japanese history and culture" Sarah said. The 5 foot 5 redhead scaned the room and saw the massive crowds of people. Koji smiled "This is only the beginning Sarah." Koji said with a grin. As the cr
:iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 0 12
Maru is watching us by JamesZilla2k11 Maru is watching us :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 5 13
The Batgirl Chronicles: Part 1
Gotham City, the city where people like Joker, Two Face, Harley and many others call home. Yet, they make my life a living hell, the city needs heroes and heroes they shall get. My name is Barbara Gordon and I am Batgirl. One day, I was sitting at my computer desk when I get a call from Dinah Lance, or she's better known as Black Canary.
"Hey Babs, what's up?"  Dinah asked in her usual calm, sweet voice. I sighed and rubbed my eyes "I swear, if Joker tries to trick me into finding him, he is a dead man." I told Dinah and she sighed. "I know that feeling" She said with a softer pitch to her voice. "Dinah, you sound awful" I said saidly as I knew what was wrong. Dinah told me Joker  bound her to a wall and did so many things to her. "I'm coming over Dinah, you need to tell me all of the story" I said as my close friend Kara came to my house. Kara waved as she landed in the living room and I told Dinah I had company.
:iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 0 3
2013-02-18-182035 by JamesZilla2k11 2013-02-18-182035 :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 0 0 USA Pride by JamesZilla2k11 USA Pride :iconjameszilla2k11:JamesZilla2k11 2 0



Amanda Reed
Here's a supporting character for one I already did (Check my gallery for Sarah Lane) 

Let me know how you would name her what her powers would be in your opinions :D    



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I have to say, this piece is totally beautiful! I gave vision a 5 star rating because it captured the meaning of what winter is, the sn...

Wow, this must have taken forever to do, using twenty words to make a life picture like this. The only criticism I have is with in Coac...

I really love the look of this alot. The colors are sharp and the look on her face is cute. All and all a awesome work. The background ...

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I am going to let my followers in on somethings about me! Here we go! :D 

I am one of those guys who love to watch the superhero shows on TV, and one of my favorites is a show called Arrow that airs on the CW Network. I've watch all 5 seasons to date and I loved them, even if one or two season had some flaws. Now that I've said that, I am going to speak about my thoughts on Arrow's fifth season and what I'd like to see from Arrow season 6 and my predictions on what might happen or might not happen. But be warned, in my next paragraph, there will be spoilers for season five of Arrow , I highly suggest you skip this entry, watch Arrow season 5 and then come back and read this when your done.  Now here's my thoughts on Arrow season 5!

Let me start with the fact we got a new version of Team Arrow, of course you have Oliver Queen, John Diggle and Felicity as the main three, but what I was more impressed with is the introduction of some new characters into the team. I am speaking of Wild Dog, Ragman, Artemis and Mr. Terrific. And down the road, we get to meet Dinah Drake as well. Now my only gripe is the way we saw the daily struggle Oliver went through as the Mayor of Star City. I think we could've had at least one or two episodes bringing up what Oliver went through during the day as mayor, how he interacted with people around him etc. 

Speaking of Dinah Drake, I was impressed with how she was brought into the team and how she got the super sonic scream, the backstory of how Dinah got the Canary Cry was well done and I was glad we got to see how Oliver manged to get Dinah to trust him and join the team. 

Next post will be me talking about how much this season of Arrow was good and how I want season 6 to go~


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