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Ziltoid the Omniscient

By jameszapata
Go listen to Devin Townsend's Ziltoid album. Go. Now.
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The best Ziltoid picture on the internet!
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Lol i remember this, so far back since i first listened to that.
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how DARE you present THIS to me?!
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Fuckin' alright, good call!  Have you liked the "Z2" record so far?  I love all of Devy's stuff.  And this piece is killer!!  OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 
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The Horror! The Horror!
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Just amazing! Waiting for Z2 art now, indeed  La la la la 
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Hahaha, awesome piece :P
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Dude, I did not know you were a DT fan as well! I'm a huge one! 
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Just, absolutely awesome. Fantastic INDEED.
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How dare they present THIS to me ..... :)
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Excellent, joli travail :)
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Perfect. it almost infuriates me how bad his coffee must taste haha
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Even has the skullet!
"Yeeeeeeesssss." "Indeed." Haha. I love this so much!
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fax me your boobies!
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Have the Humans deliver their ultimate cup of coffee!
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"make it nice!" And you did, it is awsome!
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OMG!!! THIS IS SOO EPICALLY AWESOME! Ziltoid is my all time favorite album, I have that clip from solar winds as my morning alarm :P haha. "I must rise, I must find a way, for this Ziltoid must surely pay.. I Captain Spectacular here by give my good word..'that it's gone, gone awayy'.." hahaha LOVE IT!

Love your taste as well as your style and art! MUST :+devwatch:
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Woooot, I think I have you on facebook, gorgeous work, good good work.
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