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Son Goku

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EDIT: Viewer count is over nine-thou....

Woah, super awesome DD speech:

I can't even begin to thank you all for all the love this has gotten. It's quite overwhelming, to be honest. I don't deserve so much POWERRRRRR UUUUGGGHHHH OH GOD.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks <3<3,3<#<3<3<3<3<3,3,<#3,##<33,#<3

Seriously, this means a lot. Hearts and hugs and kisses and love-punches for everyone!

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 I don't think they're hair goes up on accident or anything, it's not, balloon static, what  happened to him?
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*o* oooooooooooooh it's beautiful!
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one of best and most realistic depictions I've ever seen. great job, especially with the hair
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Nossa, incrível!!!!!! Parabéns! Ela tem direitos autorais ou podem ser utilizadas?
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Holy crap this is the best thing I've ever seen!!!!
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Wow this is awesome! I know you probably get heaps of requests but I would love to see you do kid Gohan in ss2! keep up the amazing work!
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Over 9000 awesomeness!!!
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i love what u did with the hair. really standing up
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That's just insane... I LOVE IT!!

I really hope to see more from you, man. You're great!
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Love it! You should do more Dragonball Z works! :)
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This is insane!
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Ugly, it's just the opposite of the original, like all graphic design changed in this.
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Don't worry, it's your vision, you don't have to.
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I'm sorry I failed you. Please accept my apology.
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Haters gonna hate, good work though :)
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that goku be makin all kindz of gainzzz all kindzz, for this sir I applaud you may your life be filled with wonders and joys during your lifetime on this good earth :D
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Thanks man. You aware?
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Yes, yes i am good sir.
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an instant :+fav: :sprint:
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