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No Ordinary King

Warm up sketch from livestream
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AAAAA Looks so epic.
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I'm becoming a fan of your artwork!
daymaretown's avatar
So mysterious, and the colors add to it. Awesome stuff.
TheArtofAir's avatar
So effing cool! Love the dramatic lighting!! Wish i could paint like you....
Foxw1ns's avatar
james is the illest on deviant it is known.
schizoknight12's avatar
Of course arrows don't phase him. He's Gandalf the Gray. Even Balrogs are no match for him.
TFSakon's avatar
See now that's what a king should look like. Bad ass.
okonomiyaki4U's avatar
Ooohh shi....! Now you`ve made him angry!     (/-_・)/D・・・・・------ → (;/゜o゜)/ ザク!

Awesome drawing! :-)
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Eromaxi's avatar
If only presidents could be like this..
WolfSpiritZERO's avatar
"Really now...arrows? Would thou prick a god with a needle? Then why would thou use arrows on a king?"
MastaDaras's avatar
this. This i love.
agathalark's avatar
I love the lightning! God, I wish I can put colours like you;)
IzaakShoelaces's avatar
I think the lightning is terrible. Because there is none.
agathalark's avatar
Well I mean to say lighting. I think author knows exactly what I wanted to say. Anyway, sorry for my English
IzaakShoelaces's avatar
I was just kidding I know what you were talking about. You gallery is amazing, btw.
agathalark's avatar
hah, that's what I thought, it was a joke. But my English sometimes fails me and I don't focus on what I am writting:)
Thank you:)
CaliBolt273's avatar
Pfff heh heh. Arrow in the knee...
Connan-Bell's avatar
"This newfangled acupuncture is doing wonders for my arthritis!"
One does not simply rule over Mordor.
NuminiousNihil's avatar
At first glance he might seem like a heroic king. The lack of break in his stride from what should be mortal wounds and the hooded red eyes tell another story. I love this picture, it just begs the viewer to add a story.
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