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Knight of Crows

Super dark souls inspired. Waiting on number 2.

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Truly an aesthetic art

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this made me blush
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That's just beautiful work there. I'm just...Wow...
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Amazing work!
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Could u draw the whole him? XD But offcourse hes beautiful but i would love to see how he looks like in his full armor ;-) 
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Tis is VERY beautiful and, I mean, how did you make that? All those loght spots on the armor are incredibly refined! Heart 
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I have to agree ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Beautiful......very fine art ! ❤️💫💫
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Love the lights!
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Beautiful!!! How do you make the smoke?
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Your inspiration is a blessing to my eyes.
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This picture gives me the chills. Very nicely done I say.
This piece is awesome ! Would it be possible to get a wallpaper of it ?
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totally awesome... love it
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It's like a good version of Sauron or something XD
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Such a beautiful helmet design and delicious metal texture. Nom. ♥
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Gorgeous armor color work.
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looks like sauron.
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legendary, good sir :clap:
long live dark souls.
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This is spectacular.  The subtle flourishes of color really bring this to the next level of awesome. 
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wowza. i love how you paint metal.  that is inspiring.  
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reminds me of lotr :3
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Awesome design, and the smokelines just create a badass atmosphere :iconjokerclapplz:
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